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My soulmate is Tao  :DD


P.s. Don't forget that I didn't make most of the games. I just search and share them. :D 

This are the only games that I made: 4152627


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glitteryme #1
Chapter 167: Chap 109:
Minho stared at me, then brushed his hands through me hair and said: "I never want to see you again."
Me- *crying for the next 3 hours non-stop*
Lalapout #2
Chapter 9: xD
Zelo and me watching a scifi movie, he complains about the main character and when it ends, he says "lets go eat"
That sounds so real hahahaha
LynXMagiX #3
Chapter 1: Well mine is just sad.
Himchan patted my head stroked my hair then he said "I'm sick of you" T.T
glitteryme #4
Chapter 68: Chap. 38 : my results doesn't make sense.
Boyfriend/ex/first time/rival: Donghae
Future husband: Shindong
lover: Kangin
first kiss/bestfriend: Kyuhyun
crush: Sungmin
not interested in me: Eunhyuk
glitteryme #5
Chapter 7: Chapter 7: I had my first kiss with my best friend (Minho) and my lover/true love is Onew. I had 2 kids with my husband (Taemin) but we divorced because I refused to move to Korea with him. Gosh, my relationships are complicated.
-perfection #6
Chapter 208: On a deserted island, Chen only brought a pair of sunglasses and as he handed it to me, he said: "Really? Why did I have to be stuck with you?"

That's so accurate, I think I'm going to cry xD
AngelicaDemona #7
Chapter 37: I am a power vocalist (cant sing ><), collab with CL (damn yes!), on a song "Screw you" (fits perfectly <3), I meet Gdragon (WHoooo!), who kisses me on the cheek (woah, fast o.o) and says: "Where have you been all my life?" (Ahum... in my humble home waiting for you to notice me senpaii! YAAAAY)
AngelicaDemona #8
Chapter 36: Niel loves me because I am hot / he thinks i am pretty... OMO Q///Q
AngelicaDemona #9
Chapter 35: Junhyung and I went on a date and visited the local libraby. You both made out passionatly because he likes it.
AngelicaDemona #10
Chapter 33: CNU gave me chocolates and said: "Believe me, I'll make you happy." Because I need to smile.
OMO! So sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet <3