by chocolate101
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My soulmate is Tao  :DD


P.s. Don't forget that I didn't make most of the games. I just search and share them. :D 

This are the only games that I made: 4152627


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sandara13 () says about chapter 47:
I danced for Jonghyun because I'm cute. LOL

stellarstarlight () says about chapter 28:
Key sang for ME i m going t o be famous !

kpopfan23rt3 () says about chapter 207:
Best friend : Soo Woo Bin
Crush on you : Yoon Ji Hoo (yaaaay <3)
First Kiss : Soo Woo Bin (yeaaah...well,what about our friendship now? :/)
Soul Mate : Goo Jun Pyo (nooooooooo!!! )
Lover : Soo Woo Bin (oh,that's what happened XD yaay <3 ...sorry Ji Hoo)
Cockblock : Ha Jae Kyung (DON'T YOU DARE!!!! XD)

kpopfan23rt3 () says about chapter 109:
Taemin wraped his arms around me then brushed his hands through my hair and said ' I never want to see you again.'
BWAHAHAHAHHAHA ,didn't see that one coming RLAB XDDDD

Kpoplover9419 () says about chapter 48:
Husband: daehyun
Son: jungshin
Daughter minzy
House: bungalow
Car: mercedes
City: busan
Secret Love: ukiss kiseop
Hubby's Secret: secret ji eun
Happiness: high
How husband proposed: national tv O.O
How did we meet: concert (backstage)
Hubby's nickname for you: my own name
Children IQ: top 10 in school
Job: model xD

Kpoplover9419 () says about chapter 52:
boyfriend zelo
future husband zelo
ex daehyun
first kiss daehyun
lover yongguk
crush daehyun xD

Kpoplover9419 () says about chapter 51:
boyfriend ljoe
future husband ljoe
lover ljoe
ex chunji
first kiss ljoe
first time ljoe
(OMG LJOE *^* <33333)

KissMe_0330 () says about chapter 78:
Bestfriend: Thunder
Boyfriend: Thunder (ooh~, escaped the friend zone I see)
First Kiss: Mir (where'd you come from?)
Crush on you: Seungho
Couple's song: Y (? depressing)
Flirt: Thunder (makes sense)
Playful rival: Thunder
Tease: Seungho
Cockblock: G.O

KissMe_0330 () says about chapter 62:
Bestfriend: Hoon
Boyfriend: Allen
First Kiss: Allen, duh
Crush on you: Eli
Couple's song: 0330 (wha?)
Flirt: Kiseop: Eli- homeboy's tryna get with me!!
Playful rival: Eli (back off boy)
Tease: Allen
Cockblock: Alexander (thought it would be Eli AGAIN)

KissMe_0330 () says about chapter 48:
Husband: D.O
Son: Ricky
Daughter: GP Basic Janey
House: Luxury Apartment
Car: Audi
City: Tokyo
Secret Love: Eli *gasp
Hubby's Secret: Dasom *double gasp
Happiness: low haha
How husband proposed: At concert
How did we meet: In seoul
Hubby's nickname for you: Baby
Children IQ: Einstein (must be daddy's brains keke)
Job: Model yaaaaaay

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