My soulmate is Tao  :DD


P.s. Don't forget that I didn't make most of the games. I just search and share them. :D 

This are the only games that I made: 4152627


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Chapter 131: Seyong took me to a park and we rode bikes together, then that night we cuddled under a blanket and as the wind blew through his hair he sai d "i need you" (awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww)
Chapter 15: It was a dark night. i was taking a shower when i heard music i followed the sound and was shocked to see a devil. He was breathtaking .we met eyes.he was standing infront of me in a millisecond.he started talking "girl i cant explain what i feel" .afterward we lived happily ever after. Do you wanna know his name?? . it was : Suho
Chapter 6: I am talking to a friend when L.joe come to me and says : will you be my girlfriend (me:hell yeaa.....) i laugh like crazy (wth) and all of a sudden comes Niel and starts kissing me passionately (no words)
Chapter 5: Enemy : Lay
Stalker : Baekhyun (omo, eyeliner guy stalking me .....best day of my life . lol joke)
Best friend : Sehun (oppa~~~~)
Cheater : Chanyeol (nooooooooooo)
Boyfriend : Luhan (ooohh - angel- )
First love : D.O (its tru you know)
Husband : Chen (now he can sing lullabuys when i go to sleep haha~~~~ )
2nd Husband : Kai ( - Dead-)
3rd Husband : Luhan
Chapter 3: me and sunggyu went to the beach. afterwards he confessed to me and ew rode a bike together (woohoo my life is complete)
Chapter 2: Sungjong took me to the store where he cuddled with me he said your amazing ......... (ikr) LOL
Chapter 211: Sungyeol only brought a toothbrush and as he splashed in the water he said "we should share what i brought" ( does he mean his toothbrush XD)
Chapter 210: Seulong only brought a teddy bear and as he massaged my shoulders he said "lets go swimming" (really random)
Chapter 209: Chanyong only brought a pair of sunglasses , and as he calmly looked into the distance he said "shall we take a nice long walk?" (interesting)
Chapter 208: luhan only brought a camera , and as he loosened his shirt he siad "think if this as a luxurious resort vacation" me: OMG im dead