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My soulmate is Tao  :DD


P.s. Don't forget that I didn't make most of the games. I just search and share them. :D 

This are the only games that I made: 4152627


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AsianLover19 () says about chapter 6:
I am eating an icecream when niel comes to me and says "will u be my gf?" I laughed like crazy (hahahaahaa i certainly would lmao) and all of a sudden comes l joe (ahhhh i like it now lol) and grabs my (O.o wdmc haha) lmfao wth haha

AsianLover19 () says about chapter 5:
Enemy: kai haaha
Stalker: baekki oh please haha
Best friend: kai wtf my bestfriend is my enemy interesting
Cheater: kris hahahaha
Boyfriend: luhan oh my lulu :( ^^
First love: luhan well here it works out that my first love is my bf lol
Husband: suho :o sweet angelic suho :)
2nd husband is my freaking stalker baekhyun hahaha well yes
3rd husband: kris i took a cheater omg my life x_x

AsianLover19 () says about chapter 2:
Woohyun took me to the beach where he kicked me O.o and said ew lmfao wow dw i dont like u too :p x_x

AsianLover19 () says about chapter 1:
Himchan looked at me in the eyes and hugged me till i could have hardly breathe he said "never leave me" lol hahahahaa romantic much ^^

Lizzles () says about chapter 1:
Himchan cupped my face, stroked my hair and then said get lost

hahaha i ing lost it

isaidso () says about chapter 93:
i dont feel too well
Sehun fed me medicine an as i fell asleep,he lays down next to me and whispered "sleep well, ill be here when you wake up"

Snowyywolf () says about chapter 37:
You are a power vocalist collaborating with Lee Hi on a song called 'Blown Away' where you are introduced to Seungri who immediately kisses your hand and says 'I'd love to work with you'

PainfulMelody () says about chapter 354:
Baekhyun and I went on the merry - go - round and after he bought me a bunch of balloons he said "Nothing is more fun than being with you"

Namuchii () says about chapter 336:
i wake up to woohyun drying his newly washed hair and as i slowly got up he crawled into bed next to me and said: " you're the cutest thing when you're sleepy"
sounds a bit wrong lol

Namuchii () says about chapter 276:
woohyun counted all the way to 100 and after he tried to find me, he put his hat on my head and said: "you look so pretty in the sunlight" rfghjk feelz

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