My soulmate is Tao  :DD


P.s. Don't forget that I didn't make most of the games. I just search and share them. :D 

This are the only games that I made: 4152627


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AiSyah98 #1
Chapter 10: I got Tao and we watch horror..lol..xD
PinkBunii #2
Chapter 18: BF: Kikwang
Future Husband: Junhyung
S--Friend: Junhyung
Ex-Bf - Kikwang
Lover: Doojoon
First Kiss: Doojoon
well.. this is awkward.. top 3 favs in b2st...ITS MEANT TO BE OMG. TIME TO GO TO KOREA. /sh0t
Bratinella5200 #3
Chapter 82: Aron slept with me because he loves me.
it would have been better if it was Ren but Aron is my second bias in NU'EST so O///O
Bratinella5200 #4
Chapter 71: Ryeowook , sang me Confession, because he wants to marry you. O/////O
Sure I would love to marry you
seYeOn_05 #5
Chapter 7: husband minho!!!
first kiss and bff jonghyun..!! love it...best games ever!
HyeRin0405 #6
Chapter 27: Myung Soo Gave me a goodnight kiss and then 'secretly' snuggeld under the blankets. We spent the night hugging in our sleep.
HyeRin0405 #7
Chapter 19: boyfriend : siwoo
exbf : minwoo
firstkiss : kang joon xD
firsttime : ROME /what first time means?
lover : ROME
crush : ROME

HyeRin0405 #8
Chapter 3: you and sunggyu went to the park afterward you have a fight but you woke up and it ended up being a dream xDD it's a relief