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My soulmate is Tao  :DD


P.s. Don't forget that I didn't make most of the games. I just search and share them. :D 

This are the only games that I made: 4152627


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_nrlfatihah #2
Chapter 5: enemy: d.o
bestfriend: tao
cheater: luhan
boyfriend: sehun (my bias kyaaa!!!)
first love: chen
husband: luhan
2nd husband: kai
3rd husband: chanyeol
Chapter 7: How do you even play this game?!
teentopismylove #4
Chapter 290: L.Joe counted on his fingers and after he tried to find me, he lifted me up into the air and said "It's your turn to count now."
teentopismylove #5
Chapter 263: C.A.P made me wear a mask and as I fell asleep, he lay down next to me and whispered "Don't worry, I'll take good care of you."
teentopismylove #6
Chapter 228: Chunji only brought a jacket and as he loosen his shirt he said "Let's go swimming!"
teentopismylove #7
Chapter 193: C.A.P wore a light blue tux. After we said our "I do's," he held my shoulders and said "Promise me you'll never leave."
Shinstar #8
Chapter 32: I met B-Bomb by spilling my drink on him.He look at me awkwardly and said "Please don't attack me."

Sounds like he's the who spill his drink on me instead of me....Lol!!
teentopismylove #9
Chapter 170: Changjo gave me a bottle of perfume and as he cutely giggled he said "Because of you, my heart won't stop fluttering."
teentopismylove #10
Chapter 142: C.A.P took me shopping and we watched the sunset together then that night, we had a fight and as he twirled my hair he said "Baby, you are perfect"
teentopismylove #11
Chapter 108: Changjo and I just sat quietly on the park bench together and as he leaned over from his swing and kissed my cheek he said "I'm so tired... Hold me while I sleep, ok?