My soulmate is Tao  :DD


P.s. Don't forget that I didn't make most of the games. I just search and share them. :D 

This are the only games that I made: 4152627


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pr3tty #2
Chapter 2: sungyeol took me to his home where he whispered "go away" (and then I slapped him right on his right cheek, cried like a 5 year-old kid and left him) ~happy ending lol!
Hahaha000 #3
Chapter 75: B-bomb Loves me because he couldn't resist me
Hahaha000 #4
Chapter 32: and said please don't attack me
Hahaha000 #5
Chapter 32: he grinned
Hahaha000 #6
Chapter 32: by spilling my drink on him
Hahaha000 #7
Chapter 32: I met kyung
Hahaha000 #8
Chapter 24: Husband-Ukwon
Hahaha000 #9
Chapter 24: Fling-Zico
Hahaha000 #10
Chapter 24: Boyfriend-Jaehyo
Hahaha000 #11
Chapter 24: Secret Admirer -P.P