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Awkward Moment


Kyuhyun Oppa was sitting next to me, normally if I am with other oppas I will talk and joke with them, but with Kyuhyun oppa it’s always so awkward. ‘Manager oppa, when will Dana unnie and Key come?’ I ask.

‘Soon, They were stuck in the traffic’ He said ‘both of you wait here okay, I need to print some paper for 4 of you guys’ He said and went outside

That awkward atmosphere is more awkward now. I don’t know what to do so I took out my phone and started to text our maknae.


To : Seohyun

Maknae ah, What should I do?

Me and kyu oppa is still so awkward

Around each other!! Ottokee?


From : seohyun

Keke~ it’s my first time seeing unnie

Like this, Well just talk about games

Both of you love games right?


To: Seohyun


I don’t want!


From: Seohyun

Well, Me and Kyu oppa normally

Talk about music, nothing much~


To :SeohyunArra Arra~~

I look at him and he is playing his phone too, who is he texting? Hmm..

‘Sunny’ He suddenly said.

‘Nae?’ I was shocked and slowly look at him.

‘Let’s do our best!’ He said and smile.

I eye smiled back ‘Nae, Let’s do our best!’ I said and do a fighting pose.

Is he trying to cool down the atmosphere? If he is trying t...

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mieyhyun #1
Chapter 13: I really wish you can end this story author-nim ='(
imKYUbiased #2
Chapter 13: new reader here.. ^^
it's completed now? T.T
are you going to continue and make an beautiful ending or you will leave this as it is?
how about they announce their relationship and the reaction of media and fans
then soon kyu will propose on sunny and they get married have babies..
you know..
please let this story have an ending... T___T
i like kyusun couple too..
ByunKyu #3
Chapter 12: OMG! A KyuSun fanfic! (I'm a brazilian KyuSun shipper. I can't write a comment in english very well, sorry ;u;) Continue this story please! Pleasee! >~< This is the best KyuSun fanfiction!
InnocentKiss1 #4
Chapter 12: It's not boring at all! I love Kyusun so much and this is my favorite story for them!
kissingkyusun #5
Chapter 12: Aniyoo unnie!!! Its not boring at all!!! CONTINUE! CONTINUE! CONTINUE! UPDATE SOON!! KYUSUN rules!! ^^
yellowina #6
Chapter 12: i tho u update 2 chapter, but chapter 13 n 14 is a same story.. btw thanx for update ^~^
kissingkyusun #7
Chapter 12: Authornim.. Update soon arachi?! I'm lookin' forward for the next update!! That was Whole*SOMEE!!!^^ I LOVE IT >_< ~ >//_\\< Love you!!
yellowina #8
Chapter 10: authornim hwaitiiing~..!! ^0^
u r not alone authornim..
one u be a SONE.. forever will be a SONE ^^
kissingkyusun #9
Chapter 10: Speechless.. that's all I can , you're probably right.. everything happens to fast.. I just found about this night, right now?! And seeing that picture up there, makes me tingles.. it's just so deep.. 9 people. 8 left. 1 walking and breaking their path. Drewing herself away from them.. Sones.. where are you right now.. Are you with me?
DanDyuDream #10
Chapter 10: hey, just believe in 9 of them.. this issues got interfere by outsider.. i believe if only our 9 girls have some deep talk among them self, this issues will solve.. sooner or later, they will be back as 9.. just trust them just like our Seobaby said yesterday..