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How The Dragon Claimed His Panda.


Tao is a shy panda starting life at a new school. 

Kris is a popular dragon.

The dragon meets the Panda and it is love at first sight. 

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I'm too lazy for forewords... just read it (:



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mallowme #1
Chapter 12: This is so cuteeee . *squeals Please update author-nim *begs shamelessly
KJH_SeokSol #2
Chapter 12: author niim

when you gonna updateeee
SHINeeShaowl2Min #3
Chapter 12: Plz update yay i'm a blinger flamer and a mint xD yay~~
KJH_SeokSol #4
Chapter 12: KYAAAA

high five luhan
Kpop-Lovers4life #5
Please update! !!
Wu_Jia_Er #6
Chapter 12: This story is just soo fluffy and cute and adorable and makes me squealing and flailing non-stop!!!!!! PLEASEEE!!! PLEASEEE UPDATE!!!!

Aqilah92 #7
Chapter 12: please updateeeeeeee.!!! :-).
Azaelia #8
Chapter 12: Ohmygosh! This is just too flipping cute!
Kris is so funny!
Peach_Panda #9
Chapter 12: Oh my god!! So hilarious... I can't stop laughing. Maybe you should tag 'humor' too.
Please update it soon, author-nim~♥♥

guest68 #10
Chapter 12: please update soon authornim :D