Chasing Summer: Autumn


This is the continuation.



For the people who has a purpose in life.
And yes, that includes you.


I have decided to divide this fanfiction into several parts. The first part, I believe, is already completed. And so, it's completely up to you if you want to carry on with the characters' journey. Thank you for bearing with this humble fic of mine. I hope to hear more from you soon.

Love always,

Translation(s): Vietnamese

NOTE: I apologize for adding this late, but I'm posting this as a trigger warning. Especially on the later chapters, where things become tough for the characters.

Thank you. (140707)

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1crystalthao #1
Chapter 38: Yo..... This story was the most beautiful story I've ever read. Definitely not the average fanfic with romance and problems. I love how you included faith and trust and God. One of a kind.
beice1 #2
Chapter 38: I don’t comment on fanfics at all but this... Thank you for such a beautiful piece and for fearlessly proclaiming His goodness. Every hardship you wrote about Myungsoo facing can be applicable and so encouraging to someone somewhere...

This is one of the rare fanfics that is filled with so much maturity and warmth, away from many which are just appearance and lust. Definitely worth reading and rereading again. Thanks for this fic once again!!! <3
aww this is such a cute story! <3
Chapter 38: I just finished reading this for the nth time. I hope everything will be well for me and my family soon, too. Thank you for your words.
SicaJung89 #5
Chapter 6: Cant believe daehyun is only 7. His way of thinking is beyond his age omg luv him
Chapter 37: This is a very heartwarming story, I couldn't believe I actually open up bible because of this story. Thank you so much, author, for writing such a beautiful story.
Hudgson #7
Chapter 38: This story really awsome, beautiful.... I really couldn't miss every single word..
Ammargeddonn #8
Chapter 38: I love this so much. If the first part redefined love. This part redefined faith and belief.
Can I just say how much I live your writing? There is something in it which makes it so honest and so vivid triggering so many emotions within me. Please continue writing such beautiful stories. :)
tinnew #10
Chapter 38: i can totally relate to their sentiments and why hadn't I came across this before. i found myself accidentally tapping on a random tag that lead me here out of my curiosity. tho what i'm going through is somewhat different from myungsoo's, i found it fascinating that in some ways it is similar too-similar in a way that I hope that one day i won't say one day i'll be fine anymore rather, i'm okay with an established strength and morals, in a way i find myself relapsing back to the past because it's the easy way out, in a way that I am willing to help others with their lives too when i'm struggling to help myself without asking for something in return, in a way i find myself writing down my thoughts because i'm more clear when i do that...and other things...i found myself sc-ing the verses and their quotes. i'm just glad. daehyun is indeed a blessing, i was reminded of most of the things i seem to forget when i'm feeling lost and then I realized..i am not...i'm just not yet that transparent. You've done an amazing work. This isn't the typical slice of life or romance story rather... i find it even more amusing and heartwarming that you decided to include God's words and bible verses at the end. It's not majority of the time that I'd get to read a story more or less a fanfic with morals by the almighty one. Thank you so much for this beautiful piece. :) there is hope...