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In Korean time, it's Kyungsoo's birthday today~ 



AozoraBlah posted the best facts XD YES IM SEHUN AND KAI'S WEIGHT AND HEIGHT!!! Exactly Sehun's weight~ but the ideal type... Me and three of my KPOP friends are gonna dance KPOP for the talent show. What should we dance? 

SNSD- The boys, gee, genie, I got a boy

EXO- Angel, History

fx- hot summer, electric shock, ddanger any suggestions? 


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iloveBLUE392 #1
Chapter 115: Chapter 115: I don't know if you know now...I'm a new reader BTW! :D
Xiumin can't be roomates with Chen because they'll end up using Korean. Since they are EXO-M members they need to learn Chinese from the Chinese members. Also, Tao needs to improve his Korean too thus he is paired to the eldest member. ^^
SteamedBunBaozi365 #2
Chapter 42: "You will be rewarded"?? keke i thought it was something else at first~ ;) keke
SteamedBunBaozi365 #3
Chapter 25: Aww~ keke i like mago bubble tea too~ but i go for any flavor i am in the mood for~ <3
SteamedBunBaozi365 #4
Chapter 14: what the heck Kai keke well its fine i would walk in when you shower~ keke
SteamedBunBaozi365 #5
Chapter 5: keke what the heck Kris~ cannibalism to a cute Baozi~ keke but i love Chen's reason~ <3 Xiuchen is so real keke
minkey54 #6
Thank you for this ♥♥♥
RavenUchiha #7
Chapter 58: I agree. I don't mind that EXO calls Suho "gramps" but the fans shouldn't be doing that. That is disrespectful.
RavenUchiha #8
Chapter 47: How rude. I can't believe she would say that to you.
jenifertan #9
Chapter 5: What interview was this? i want too know please tell me thank you in advanced

Haha kris want to eat xiumin
RavenUchiha #10
Chapter 27: Really? Has Shindong explained why?