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In Korean time, it's Kyungsoo's birthday today~ 



AozoraBlah posted the best facts XD YES IM SEHUN AND KAI'S WEIGHT AND HEIGHT!!! Exactly Sehun's weight~ but the ideal type... Me and three of my KPOP friends are gonna dance KPOP for the talent show. What should we dance? 

SNSD- The boys, gee, genie, I got a boy

EXO- Angel, History

fx- hot summer, electric shock, ddanger any suggestions? 


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Exotic_14 () says about chapter 76:
If Suho is the Appa and D.O. is the Umma... wouldn't that mean they had... they had... OMFG O_O XD

Exotic_14 () says about chapter 8:

(can't stop smiling)

Bellexoxo () says about chapter 18:
It's not bad though.

X_JoeyczySehun () says about chapter 81:
Good idea~! XD

TaoRisDaughter () says about chapter 124:
Seriously ? xD
Can I know what the name of the interview ?

TaoRisDaughter () says about chapter 8:
;) no prob

TaoRisDaughter () says about chapter 5:
What da hell , Kris ?? xD

ninalinia () says:
Heyyy there . Im a new reader n anew Exo stan =) . Well i read your chapter 8 and at the end , there's a thank you note for ninalinia . Is it me or another person with the same username ?

Minyullover98 () says about chapter 168:
Lol,so Kris know about krissica

Minyullover98 () says about chapter 123:
LOL.. A Bra.. Tao Tao !! hahshagaha

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