She's My Girlfriend ^_^


Dong Young Bae is in one of the most famous boy group BIGBANG he's known as Taeyang.  It's a known fact that BIGBANG are coming back to the Korean music scene after two years and three months of being away as a group.  Kwon Yuri is a normal 21 year old girl who's in love BIGBANG and her favorite member is Taeyang.   Yuri is like every other fan out there who always want to give a stuff animal to her idol.  So one day Yuri sunck backstage of SBS and went looking for Taeyang.  she finally ran into Taeyang litterally RAN into him. she would've felt but thank god he caught her.  Much to Taeyang surprise he thought no one had seen them since they were in the back but being a member of one of the biggest boy group Korea he was surely wrong the picture of Dong Young Bae the shy guy Taeyang of BIGBANG who have never had a girlfriend in his eniter life was on the front page of ever news station , blog sie in Korea holding a girl. so much SCANDAL.


  • Dong Young Bae also known as Taeyang.
  • Memeber of one of Korea belove boy group BIGBANG
  • He's known as a shy individual, never had a girlfriend, who's kind of stubborn ^_^ 

  • Kwon Yuri
  • A Young College student who's in her Senor year at Chung-Ang University
  • Sweet, bubbly, caring, funny type of girl
  • She loves BIGBANG and her favorite member is Taeyang ^_^ 

Other Characters

BIGBANG Members. 

  • Choi Seunghyun (TOP)     
  • Kwon Ji-Yong (G-Dragon
  • Kang Daesung 
  • Lee Senghyun (Seungri

2NE1 Members.

  • Park Bom
  • Sandara Park
  • Lee Chaerin 
  • Gong Min-Ji (Minzy

Lee Kiseop - Yuri best guy friend who's like a younge brother to her. 

Seo Joo-Hyun (Seohyun) - a girl Yuri befriend

Park Gyuri - Who's also Yuri friend but she gets jealous of Yuri alot. 

SNSD member will come in and out of the story


YG Entertainment Building. 

All of the BIGBANG members were all standing next to one another scared. After getting a phone call from their CEO Yang Hyun-Seok to come in and when he called his tone of voice was very scary more scary than the time he had called them in one Seungri their maknae went to a night club without anyone knowing.  

"im scared" Daesung said

"I'am too, Hyung do you know why were here" Seungri looked at Ji-Yong and asked. 

"I dont know but i bet is something that you did, your always doing something" Ji-Yong snap at the maknae

The maknae didn't say anything he was busy thinking about what he could've done to have their CEO call of them all here. 

Finally everyone shut up as soon as their CEO enter the room.  Yang Hyun-Seok walk infront of the BIGBANG member back and fourth and than stop in the middle and look at them. 

"Do you guys have anything idea why i called all of you in" Yang Hyun-Seok said

all of the BIGBANG member shock their head "No sir" they all said. 

"If you think you know why i call you guys in here please the person step forward" Yang Hyun-Seok said and than look at the BIGBANG members the person that happen to step forward was TOP and none other than Seungri himself. 

Of course you did something maknae Ji-Yong thought to himself. 

Yang Hyun-Seok look at the surprise outcome those were the member that he was not excepting he was excepting another member.  But he didn't say anything but instead took it to his advantage. 

"Wow what did you two do?" Yang Hyun-Seok asked why looking at the two Seunghyun. 

Seungri and Top looked at one another trying to see who should go first. 

"TOP why don't you go first since your the oldest" Yang Hyun-Seok said 

TOP nod "well i didn't go to pratice yesterday" TOP said

Yang Hyun-Seok chuckles at the oldest member of BIGBANG "i know your manager told me.  and where were you and why?" that's all the CEO asked

"Hiding in the bath tub and because i was tired" TOP said and everyone just burst out laughing at the fact that he was hiding in the bathtub. 

Yang Hyun-Seok "get back in the line TOP" he said and TOP did as he was told.  Yang Hyun-Seok looked at BIGBANG maknae "what did you do Seungri?" he asked

"im the one who buy Bom Noona corn" Seungri blurt out

Yang Hyun-Seok and the rest of BIGBANG member burst out laughing at Seungri confession in buying 2NE1 main vocals Corn. 

"Seungri your not suppost to buy Park Bom corn she's on a diet their having their comeback next month" Yang Hyun-Seok said and made a note to himself to talk with Park Bom later. 

"Sorry boss, Noona said shes going to teach me to sing better" Seungri said

"next time you do that Seungri you and Park Bom will hear it from me NEH" Yang Hyun-Seok said

"yes sir" Seungri said

"now step back in line" Yang Hyun-Seok said and Seungri did just that. "im glad i found those two things out but thats now why i called you gusy in here" he said and they all looked shock. "It's about Young Bae" Yang Hyun-Seok said and everyone was shock. 

"ME, Boss?" Young Bae said and point to himself because he doesn't really recall or remember what he could've done because after their schedule was finsih for the day he always went back to their dorm and play with boss so he thought that was weird. 

Yang Hyun-Seok nod and pull the monitor computer scream down from the ceiling and show them an artical. 


Looks like BIGBANG shy member Taeyang has finally found himself a girl after singing his title song back in July "I Need a Girl".  It looked like the shy member had finally found himself a girlfriend and a pretty one to whos a unviersity student.  Why so secret about it Taeyang im sure VIP will be happy to know that the belove Taeyang who had never had a girlfriend before finally has one now.  Don't worry VIP we have picture of Taeyang and his girlfriend who was seen cudding back stage of SBS. 

"alright Hyung you finally found yourself a girlfriend a hot one too yeah hyung" Seungri said with a big smile trying to high five his hyung. 

Young Bae looked at the maknae and sigh and slap his hand away "I don't have a girlfriend" Young Bae said and looked at the CEO "she's not my girlfriend boss she's a fan who sneak backstage to give me a gift" Young Bae said with all honest in his voice. 

Yang Hyun-Seok nod he knew Young Bae wasnt lying because he had known Young Bae since Young Bae was a young boy. "I believe you" he said he pause "but everyone else wont believe you" Yang Hyun-Seok said 

"I know" Young Bae said 

"they catch everything" Daesung said quitly while looking at the picture. 

"i mean i don't care if you guys have a girlfriend i always said i want you guys to find a special lady" Yang Hyun-Seok said.

"she's pretty" everyone except for Young Bae said.  Young Bae couldn't believe that it was happening to him a scandal out of all the member he had never had a girlfriend all of had, had past girlfriend and they have never caught and when someone in the group does get court it had to be him the one that never had one before.  she was just his fan but no one would believe that.  

"what are we going to do boss?" Ji-Yong asked their CEO

"the only thing we can do is play along" Yang Hyun-Seok said while looking at the picture

 Young Bae looked at his boss a little scared about what's going to come out of his boss mouth. 


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KkabSone #2
Chapter 5: This is a cute story
Aww this couple is to cute for words!! I honestly never used to support yulyang, hell I didn't even know about them. Until taeyang came out and even him himself said,on strong heart, that he did go on a blind date with yuri. And even went to the snsd concert! Ever since then I've supported this couple. Plus there's plenty of good FFs, lyk this one tht makes me ship this couple even more!
babychunsu #4
reread this ff again:)
yulyang is sooo cute
MissKatryn #5
Awww, the ending was soooo cute ;]
koreankendi #6
I love this fic!! :)<br />
Thank you!!!
babychunsu #7
im not into soshibang's ffs but i really love this couple. lol even the foreword make me laughed so hard XDDD
ellasonevip #8
kyaa.. this story is daebak! especially the ending.. since i am a VIP and Sone i really like your story.. i was laughed so hard at the scene dae and fany were fighting because he left their child.. keep writing soshibang please.. :D
-Wanderlust- #9
I love this story.So cute.:)
james_maknae18 #10
yes! pls do! another soshibang!<br />
daesung and tiffany? :)