Sexy Sunny [M]

by XiuXiu26
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Sexy Sunny - main story image

The usually cute Sunny shows that she can also be sexy.





Another update . She's just so sexy . You know ! That's another reason why I love her ^_^ 

Any opinion about this ? 

readers ! Look at THIS ! They're right . Sunny's breast is the real one ! It's my opinion . So please dont be angry . Haha .

Thanks for the SUBBIES ! ILY YOU ALL .


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xiomarita () says:
hermoso es asi de simple es completamente hermosos me encanta sigue asi

sunsyu () says:
Where did you get the information about snsd to sunny in forewords?

Sdanny () says about chapter 22:
OMG! Her lips ~~ it was perfect :3

sunshinerlee () says about chapter 29:
uwaaahhh...romantic idol lee seo jin and sunny eonni in grandpas over flower ^^ sexy and beautiful eonni in H&M event...^^

95girls () says about chapter 29:
Wonderful... Wonderful.. Oh wonderful~ -Thumbs up- n_n

Sunny27 () says about chapter 28:
she has abs..she has abs!!!! *trow confeti*
she is so....uh...perfect for me ^^, Sunny....very good yo~~~ ^^

sunshinerlee () says about chapter 28:
uwaaaaa.....sunny eonni jjaaaaang!!!!taeyeon eonny kiss sunny eonni neomu kyeopta ^^ 2ny soo sweet ^^

elinlinzz () says about chapter 28:
2ny and sunyeon..XD
Nice combinationnnn..XD

-eirlys () says about chapter 28:
she's such a good player!

anisalee () says about chapter 28:
SunYeon and 2NY moment ^^ I LOVE IT

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