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sunny; y bunny

"The usually cute Sunny shows that she can also be y."


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YoungRi95 #1
Chapter 27: Awwiiee,, it's a good thing; that Sunny unnie finally updated her ig!

Unnie's too adorable here (´ω`♡%)
jeonsunhan #2
Chapter 26: did sunny so thin this day?\(0~0)/ i hope that sunny unnie is healthy always n being strong too\(^Δ^)/ n in chapter 25: sunny ceci magazine picture is really the best!!!^^
YoungRi95 #3
Chapter 26: I see.. that uri SunBun keeps on getting skinnier nowadays; since she didn't get enough rest with all of those hectic schedules, /(=__=)\

But, I wish she'll stay healthy and energetic and will always be uri energy pill! (*o*)9
sunnyxo #4
Chapter 25: She looks alike like Girls' Day Minah. Sunny is so beautiful..
wusunsoohan #5
Chapter 26: i love sunny very much i love all things about her
Ilaicastle #6
Chapter 22: My sunshine..:-)
Kyusun #7
Chapter 20: Her abs *^*
yourfavoritefruit #8
Chapter 2: Those lips though... 3>
xiomarita #9
hermoso es asi de simple es completamente hermosos me encanta sigue asi