All I Want This Winter Is You

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Han Minjung’s life turns upsidedown when a little four year old boy tugs on her leg on the street and calls her “umma.” Next thing she knew, Minjung is wrapped up in a complicated scheme, pretending to the girlfriend of the boy’s charming, young single father, who she may or may not be falling in love with. This is definitely going to be a holiday to remember!




I saw that gif

and died.

Basically the plot implanted itself into my head after I saw that and it would not go the away.

I'm feeling Christmas-y in the middle of November. So.

This'll be fluff x 100, and posted around Christmas as either a long oneshot or short chaptered fic.  

[11/29/12: edited by forever_or_never]

The title is from Into Your Hands by Kevin Woo (Hubby #8)


I'm not going to be able to reply to each comment individually but omg thank you everyone! Glad you all liked it

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Chapter 7: Dude why do I feel creeped out dem boii ure 4
Chapter 8: awww its super cute and sweet . i really enjoyed it . thank you!
Chapter 8: Awe, such a cute ending!
Dearest1127 #4
Chapter 7: wth i want to cryㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
it's really greattㅠㅠ
SweetRoseGold #5
Chapter 7: Aww, this is making me feel all giggly inside :33
SweetRoseGold #6
Chapter 4: This story is so cute. I can't stop reading it. I love it. :) <333
Chapter 8: This is so cuteee! I loved every single bit of this fic!
Waneru #8
Chapter 8: I really did love the story with its innocence. You had me swooning with the fluff in it. Altough i am a bit sad that it was too fast over... But either way amazing work.
Fighting! :D
Lisha_el #9
Chapter 7: The baby winked?!!! Suho is a really hot daddy
happyabc #10
Chapter 8: Suho makes such a gorgeous single dad! This was an awesome, amazing and oh-so-sweet fluffy story. I love how easy their relationship progressed into something really special. Every relationship should be this way... :) Thank you for a lovely story.