It Started Just Like That


What happends when a cool and cold - hearted guy has feelings to her? 

What if a sweet and good looking guy has feelings for her too? 

What if a sad guy that never smiles has feeling for her too?

Who would SHE pick?


"Key. Key...Can I move in with you?" 

"What the hell? Why?" 

"C'mon I need a place to stay. Please?" Amber begged with a puppy dog face. 

"uhhh, you're really troublesome! O.k, for how many days?" 

"A month or two." 

"That long? uhhh. Follow me." 

Thats how it all started. 


I'll add new chapters every Monday. Hope this story goes on well.



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Mimi0910 #1
Chapter 19: Even it's a happy ending for Keyber but I feel sad for Danson! But he can choose Luna or Sulli, if he can compete with Onew or Taemin! Hahahahaha!
Cynyee #2
Chapter 13: Omgg this chapter was nice and I like how key tease amber! ♥
-theunniefangirl #3
This is gonna be awesome! Mostly because I ship Amber with like EVERYONE
anahottest #4
Chapter 19: At last...KeyBer~~
anyBer #5
whatda ? It ended just like that ??
but nice fic huh ? :D
blindstar #6
yayy.. it started just like that. simple story...
thanks, it's made my day!
sooyoongie #7
waaa it's over bit saaaad TT__TT anyway happy that keyber together and mintoria"? haha didn't expected that couple tnx for writing this and update you are the one!
Mary517 #8's over. I'm kinda disappointed. <br />
I wanted to see more keyber!! T-T <br />
But thanks for writing the story! Hope to see more keyber fics from you in the future ^____^<br />
aiscream #9
So now they are together.. Yay! :)