Four Mod

by keysaetern
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Four Sakolrat Wornurai

  • Name:Sakonrat Woraurai
  • Nickname: Four
  • Profession: Singer/Actress
  • Date of birth: Saturday, 25 October 1987
  • Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Star sign: Scorpio
  • Blood type: ????
  • Marital Status: Dating Pitt from C-Quint
  • Hobbies: None (Too busy!)


Mod Kunatchaya Chairat

  • Name: Kunatchaya Chairat
  • Nickname: Mod
  • Profession: Singer
  • Date of birth: Friday, 12 April 1991
  • Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Star sign: ?
  • Blood type: ?
  • Marital Status: ?
  • Hobbies: Jazz Dancing, Singing


About the Group

Four Mod is in the RS entertainment. They made an Album With Kamikaze- Payu, FFK, Waii, Knomjean,Siska,Neko Jump,Seven Days,K-otic the album was called Kamikaze and they made another one called Foward To.



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proud2basian () says about chapter 24:
Thanks for advertizing my story, I really appreciate it!!!! ^^

poykatrina () says about chapter 20:
i'm already in love with this guy since i watched the long weekend then i saw him as thongsook, my friends all laughed when i told them his hot, but when i downloaded his pics, and videos my friends start to fall in love with you, and then i told them "shut up!" huh! they don't know who're they judging, it's the hottest of the hottest no other than my ultimate crush chinawut indracusin, i really wish to see you in person, because i'm in the Philippines, seeing you in person is very impossible, what i'm going to do now is to finish my study and then be a professional flight attendant and see you in person, and you will be my only inspiration...

-xiaolulu- () says about chapter 3:
I thought Toomtam was in a relationship ?

Yellow_Giraffe () says:
Is XIS still together?

woohyun_hoya () says about chapter 8:
Kaew is actually dating Pong Nawat, a bit weird but cute.

woohyun_hoya () says about chapter 3:
I'm sooooo in love with this guy ever since I watched Sood Sai Paan and I just finished Pan Ruk Pan Rai. Still currently watching Sood Sai Paan. hehehe

unsharpened () says about chapter 7:
K-OTIC~ <3

DigitalCake () says about chapter 7:
I honestly LOVE K-OTIC! But it's too bad they disbanded :( Hingbae had to go to the army and Poppy is studying T^T I hope they come back together

Boombyeby123 () says about chapter 7:
Can't Believe what K-OTIC is disbanding. It makes me feel sad inside.
Jongbae... saranghae! I wish that you didn't have to go to the army. : ( "Friends" is a good song.

fictitious () says about chapter 3:
wow. i'm a thai fan when i was 11 years old
i love mario and baifern. uhm, chantavit dhanasevi
and noona nuengthida sophon. c:

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