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The crazy life of kpop idols.


     the crazy life of kpop idols  .
✦ who would of knew?
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✦ Two girls reach the stars to fulfill their dreams of becoming kpop sensations, but are doing it at a price.
As they are at their peak in popularity. They come across two very familiar faces,
but can not put a name nor face to it. As drama strikes, what will happened as an unexpected twist occurs causing everything to go downhill?
i guess it's all unknown.



✦ poster by: mary513.
✦ started - 03.82.11 / ended - 04.12.12
© kaitlyntheillestt 2011.
✦ i did not steal anything, if something is similar it was pure coincidence.
okay? good. and if someone is using my story and claiming it as theirs. please do tell me. thank you.

✦ i do not like silent readers. (:


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Najiee #1
Chapter 25: i think it's better for you not to mix up the pharagraph when they're talking. it make the readers getting headache.

sorry for my bad english. :(
hope u don't mind with this comment. :)
ailisu #2

lol i have a question, what happened to minhyuk? XD
i actually thought his confession was real sweet:) even if they are siblings~~~

and l.joe... JERK >:(
hazie_inspirit #3
so cute.... :)<br />
L...L....L<br />
nice story !!!
lovewithnolimits #4
That was so cute :)
nanny_yo #5
Awww<br />
That was such a cute ending <3<br />
I remember jumping up and down and spazzing like crazy when Infinite won first place with Be Mine for the first time :D
Musicstar128 #6
Two of my fav groups:<br />
Loving this story ^^
Musicstar128 #7
I'm loving this story ^^
nanny_yo #8
Namine going to Korea!!!!<br />
Yay she'll be with L again :D<br />
Update soon!!
nanny_yo #9
:O<br />
NOOOO!!! As much as I like Kikwang I wand Namine to be with L~<br />
Update soon!!
nanny_yo #10
YAY L found Namine :D<br />
I hope she accepts~<br />
Update soon!!