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lesson 1 : compressed letters!

that first basic step;

if you typed a font, i.e. : 


go to :  
and easily you'll find this :  

right after font-size: 14px;  easily add in letter-spacing: 1px;

and hai. would turn to    hai.



a normal, typical 72 px font in georgia. 
compressing would no doubt make it nicer, also, good to see! 




"compressed" by 10px . letters like this make you squeeze your words together in 
a form which makes it 'stylish'.






"splitted" by 10 px. It gives people the illusion that there are more than one spaces in between,
but instead, a single space would suffice because the 'letter-spacing' helps.
(saves your hands from pressing too much spacebars.)

basically, the idea of it all is to add :  letter-spacing: (insert)px;
to the html coding, and there you get, a font! /dances

i told you I'm a bad teacher.



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---Siri--- #1
Chapter 4: Hello :) I wanted to ask if you know how to make layouts for the layout market place with {CONTENDID1}, 2, 3 etc. Could you please make a tutorial of it if you know how to make them?
Thanks :)
Jia_Yi #2
Chapter 1: Why can't I compress the words ?
When I click source .. I just get <p>hai.</p>
Help please TT
exhyolover15 #3
Chapter 3: thank you!! i made it yayy!!
Moonlight_Roleplay #4
Chapter 3: I still don't understand .___.
How to do the "text on picture"??
LinKagamine #5
Chapter 3: thank you!!
topumasum #6
Chapter 4: hi got a question for u. what can i do to pose this image http://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/brown-grunge-musical-background-4664682.jpg
as my layout? i want my chapters to be inside this image. how can i do that? any help please? if u ask for any karma price, im willing to pay.
Anti-Social #7
Chapter 3: It's not working.
exoteen13 #8
thanks it's help me a lot
MinhoYeobo #9
Chapter 1: Omg thanks alot ! ^^ gomawo ~
baekstacy #10
Chapter 1: what do you use to make layouts?