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I Knew you were Trouble


Eunhyuk's reaction to IHyuk scandal.

Donghae's actual feelings 

Is IU innocent?


this is how i think the scandal is being handled by everyone in all honesty [serioustime] 


it is an opinion but i will provide reasons why


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Aftan6 #1
Chapter 2: I really like this POV . Frankly , I dunno how to feel abt this IU scandal . This fic kinda comforts me . Thx !!!
ismary666 #2
Chapter 2: Of course we liked it, now, they have all the way for walk together, jejejejjee.
DayBreaksBell #3
Chapter 2: It wasn't disgusting at all. It was just super SWEET ^^
esmeberta #4
Chapter 2: Aww...so cute Eunhae
kitty_se7en #5
Chapter 2: The ending is not "disgusting".. :( It was really good :D It made me think what really happened hehehe I really want to know..!
I hate the fact that they received death threats just because of that.. urgh I hate people! I just wanna smash their faces and urgh you don't even wanna know what I want to do >:(
Btw I like the story :)
Eunli396 #6
Chapter 2: The ending was beautiful ;A; I just can't right now. OMG *claps*
Seonsangnim #7
Chapter 2: I love Eunhae that's all I gotta say.
mrsqyuchoi #8
Chapter 2: Thanks for letting this fic still around on ur "stories". And I can't help but always feel so hurt like hell and broken down due to this old ____ T____T
fishyeknom #9
Chapter 2: it was really good and seems realistic to me :) I wish it'll end like this for real too xD Hyuk doesn't want to disappoint Hae <3 <3 <3 and Hae is so relief to know that Hyuk doesn't date with her :D I really love it! ;)
Suu_Hae #10
Oo.ooxD so Good!! Thanks!!