Kim Minseok hated having his photo taken.

Luhan loved taking pictures.

One accidental photo brings them together.


I apologize for the somewhat ty description. Anyways, this is my third Xiuhan fic and I hope you all will enjoy reading it! :) The inspiration for this story was really random but I won't bore you all with that story unless you want me to lol. ;D

Russian Translation: Here


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Horsesrock227 #1
Chapter 1: So cute!! I love it so much, thank you for writing! ^^
Flyingbaozi #2
Chapter 1: This is so cute
xBoyWhoCriedWolfx #3
Chapter 1: Waaahhhh!! Author-nim, this fic is soooo cute and adorable! ^^. It's my first time reading a fic like this. The Xiuhan feels in this fic is too much! I need help. The both of them are just sooo adorable I can't even. Jeez! I hope there's a sequel or something. I love this fic and thank you for making it Author-nim! (/^•^)/ ❤️
xiuhan_shiper #4
Chapter 1: That was adorable....just plain adorable...♡♡
melon-gummies #5
this is such a cute and warm story! i like that joonmyun, sehun, and yixing all helped minseok, they're such great friends.
it was so sweet that minseok didn't get THAT angry with luhan for the pictures!
wonderful fic, thanks for sharing it!! <3
rilakkuma_99 #6
Chapter 1: What are you doing to my heart AUTHOURNIM? This is too perfect OMG >w<
tokkiah #7
This is perfect!<333
queenminionable #8
Chapter 1: This is oh so cute le omg huahua

/can't live with that ending... I've always thought 'perfection' didn't exist until I read this TT_TT

The KrAy & SeHo momentsss tooo! :D :D :D
exoshikari #9