Teen Top's Maid

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You and your wonderful parents live a happy life. Even though your family is poor, you get everything you needed for your daily life. But what happen when one day you and your parents went out and got into an accident?

Your parents try to protect you and after that they are badly hurt. The surgery you cant afford it. You dont have the money and you are just 15. But if your parents dont undergo surgery, they will die. You cant afford to lose them!

But then, everything starts to change when this wealthy kind old man brought you to his house to meet his six adopted sons. He wants you to be their maid for maybe forever, but in return he will help you to pay your parent's surgery which he knew you needed it so much. So can you,  do this job?


ual, bad words or maybe some violence will be in my fic. The characters, you will know them in my fic, so please do read it.

My chapters are MANY but inside are kinda short, so you can read it within 5 minutes or less than that :)

The characters i dont own them :)




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Kyoya_kumo #1
Chapter 15: No offense, cause I love infinite, but why when there's Teen Top infinite follows and the other way around?
kimsonah #2
Chapter 61: this story is really good i started it today and finished it in just few hours ^^ it was awsome ~~~~
you did a great job ;)
xoxolove522 #3
Chapter 40: Yeah f(x)! XD
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Chapter 10: Love cap in this chapter
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Chapter 43: Aissssh!minah! >_<!!
[deactivated] #6
Chapter 49: Hwaaa~~~!!! My beloved bias JinYoung >.<
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This is my 5th time reading this xD
Keybumyeabo #8
Chapter 20: hello .. New reader here .. Just want to tell that i read this fic 20 chap in one night it only take 1 HRs +. Awesome ~
Ziren13 #9
Chapter 61: sequel please :)
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Chapter 1: im readinf this story for the tenth times...
like seriously. your story is so damn awesome