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Stranger? Save the day?


It wasn’t a good day for me. I dropped my books at the alley. Fine. But it wasn’t turning any better when Ms.Lee scolded me for not bringing materials to class. Fine and I saw Jae kissing other girl. Fine…? Ah sucks! .....


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Zrkhar660 #1
Chapter 1: X'DDD
OMG, /Dies/
meahtokko #2
Chapter 1: simple and cute haha.
teddysayboo #3
omona why is this so cute lmao
shuzii #4
Chapter 1: LOL! XD Hahaha Baekhyun soooooo Cute!!!! Love your story!! Haha <3<3<3

I can't stop laughing....
Heuheu #5
Baekhyun why r u sooooooo cute?
SakuraKinomoto #6
thanks everyone for read my story. (^_^)
an_elf #7
Chapter 1: Sequel please author-nim?? :3
I love this clumsy baekhyun.. Kekeke~
cericeria #8
Chapter 1: its kinda short...awww te story was just awesome n would be much better if u make a sequel :'( kekkekekeke
aardbei #9
OMO OMO Baekhyun looks so clumsy here !!!! So cute !!!
GoomyGoom #10
Chapter 1: xDD bite her lower lip? What kind of CPR is that? XD it will be really good if you write a sequel xD