I'll pay you to be my boyfriend


What would you do to have the one you love by your side? Baekhyun finds  himself wondering, after a life of having everything he wanted.


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Byun Bakhyun

The son of one of the richest families in South Korea. Is loved by his parents so much that they hire somebody to love him. Without knowing that, he falls in love with the man. What will he do to keep the man by his side? 

Even though he's very rich, he's warm hearted and a very loving person, who only seeks for a feeling hard to receive: love,



Park Chanyeol

A very handsome, cute and cool man, but unfortunately pretty poor. In order to get some money, he agrees to be someone's boyfriend and to be paid for that, but he keeps his real, but hidden boyfriend. What will happen when the boy will find out the truth? Will he lose his source of money or...?


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B2uty_Dookwangaddict #2
Chapter 24: Update Soon ;;
galuli #3
Chapter 24: Knock knock. Where are you? Pleasr pleasr finish your awesome story pretty please. We wanna know the bacon and egg ending. Hihihi cant waaaaittt
meyeem #4
Chapter 24: I hope you update soon ... Cuz I really-really like your story ... Jebaa~al ^^
Upvote <3
baekedpizzas #5
omg such a nice storyline! please update soon!!
EXO0488 #6
Chapter 24: Waah! Please update soon! Author-nim!
byunbaekpotter #7
Chapter 24: this is just sooo sad... Taoris made me cry... im glad baekyeol r now back together again.. anyway, GREAT WORK authornim!!
byunbaekpotter #8
Chapter 4: baek!!! seriously!!! u r goin to b d one payin him now???? im soo angry right now.. T^T
-jailbait #9
and please update soon.
-jailbait #10
Chapter 24: what what what?!!!
I don't want kris to die. T^T
although he made a huge mistake. i know that Tao somehow love kris just like chanyeol love baekhyun. just give them another chance.
thornless_rose #11
Chapter 24: Can't wait too find out how it all ends T^T