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❝ lee ho sin / riho ❞

— lee ho sin / riho

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requested by --porcelain


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-hrplo #1
can i ask who this ulzzang is?
thank you!
Lillyanna #2
Hi! I would like to request Na Hyun Chul.
This one here: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9q7vdT9qc1rdmvglo3_1280.jpg
Thank you~!
DinoPearl_Riza #3
Chapter 7: Who's the youngest ulzzang girl you know?
ctzmimi #4
Chapter 67: who's ulzzang with innocent look? like jung chommi or joo or hana.
young_angely #5
who is her??
Queensabelle #6
Chapter 7: Hello! Do you perhaps know who this ulzzang is? o.O
babybaozi #7
can you do ulzzang couple? please?
-empress #8
Hello may I ask who this ulzzang is?
GuestZ #9
Chapter 6: Hello!
I'm just curious do you only do ullzzangs? or can you do actors/actresses/musicians as well?
If not, do you know any place that do galleries for actors/actresses/musicians? (was looking for Hideto Takarai gallery ^^"')
Thanks and sorry for troubling you!
Lucid_Dreams1004 #10
Haii sorry to bother but I was wondering if you know who this ulzzang is and where I can find her photos?