Genderswitch for Love?

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Donghae is a normal kid in school who is madly in love with Hyukjae the most popular kid in school. Hyukjae doesn't even care about Donghae at all, and Donghae kept crying at night everytime he's back from school. What happenes when his sister, a scientist who can make any impossible potion and drugs came visiting? My Fist fanfic, it may sorry.


Donghae's POV


    The teacher brought me in her class and said, "This is Lee Donghae, our new student. take care of him......." As the teacher started blabbering about me, I took a look around the class. Nothing special, until my eyes landed on a guy sitting by the window. He had a gummy smile, muscular arms, dark hair, and is sipping a carton of strawberry milk. Everything about him was perfect. I kept staring at him until the teacher, patted my shoulder and said," You will be sitting with Lee Sungmin, the boy over there who looks like a rabbit beside the boy who looks like a monkey named Lee Hyukjae or Eunhyuk or however he wants to be called."

      "It's Eunhyk!!!" OMO! He has the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. I sat down and introduced myself to the rabbit.

      "Hey, I'm Donghae."

      "Hi, I'm Sungmin, nice to meet you."

       For the whole first period, I stared at Eunhyuk. After class, he caught up to me. But he just pushed me to the wall and said,"What were you staring at fishy?" I didn't say anything. I just bowed my head down, pushed his hand away, and walk towards Lee Sungmin.

      "Did you know who you just talked to?" I looked at him with a comfused face. He continued,"He's Lee Hyukjae, one of the most popular guy in the school. But he perfers people call him, Eunhyuk."

      That was how I met him



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Chapter 30: This is great... just I can't see some of the pictures...
2hjbabynick #2
Chapter 6: I can't read because of the fonts! Author~nim huhu
AffSerJack #3
Chapter 30: Well I have to say I did enjoy myself in this story but I think that you shouldn't work with picture's to much since a lot of them don't work anymore after a while :l
And I can see that English is not your first language since you switch a lot of words in your senses
diastikananda #4
Chapter 30: Hahahahhaha i like this :D
lolitta #5
Chapter 7: pliiiiiiz the " gif " used in this chapter is from which episode of star king ?
BloodyShadow #6
Chapter 30: I like the ending! Especially about thr jealous priest Yeye xD
kimrochee #7
Chapter 9: ^^ start reading ,. think its interesting...
nhurulemyzah #8
Chapter 30: This is a great story..i dun find the part u said it is weird..nice story..continue to read my wife lee dong hae...keep posting.iam new here..
eun_myolchi #9
Chapter 2: Start to read this.. I'm sorry too late to found this..
Thanks author-nim for ur stories n.n
eun_myolchi #10
Chapter 2: Start to read this.. I'm sorry too late to found this..
Thanks author-nim for ur stories n.n