Wedding Kiss ❖ [ Playful Kiss Season 2 ]

by Dulcet
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All the characters of Playful Kiss and SHINee (Onew).


Ha Ni and Seung Jo are married, He Ra is visiting Kyung Soo in the army, Chris and Joon Gu are running the noodle shop, Joo Ri is falling in love with her late-night salon customer, Eun Jo is experiencing his very first one-sided school romance, and Min Ah's manhwa drawings have attracted the attention of Lee Jin Ki, the leader of SHINee?

Six different love stories, all intertwined by fate.

❚ Title ; Wedding Kiss
❚ Author ; Dulcet
❚ Date Started ; o3.22.11
❚ Genre ; romance, school life, drama, and family life.
❚ Rating ; rated R for safety. no will take place, although it will be implied. also rated R for ual themes, swearing, and mild violence.
❚ Disclaimer ; i own nothing but the plot ideas. all characters/actors and the playful kiss concept belong to their rightful owners and companies.
❚ Warning ; there will most definitely be spoilers. if you are planning on watching playful kiss or haven't finished it, be aware that this story will give away pretty much all of it.


It has been nearly half a year since Seung Jo told Ha Ni that he loved her and the cameras stopped rolling. And ever since then, everything has changed, for both better and worse.

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Fifi10 () says about chapter 3:
Can you update??

zeineb () says about chapter 3:
please update soon

babsale () says about chapter 1:
i started reading this but i am going to stop now.. not because i dont like, but because I love it and it looks like the author wont be writing anymore given its been more than a year now so.. this is a shame :/ some real talent here and you can actually believe its the same characters because she/he nailed their personality to the dot. So yeah, a real shame. Hope you can update soon, I'll check back.

Jasmine1912 () says about chapter 3:
i like this story. please update soon! :)

Nielissohot112 () says about chapter 3:
Authornim plz update!!! It nakes me feel lije im watching Playful Kiss again!!!

Badkitty11 () says about chapter 3:
This is so good so far! Please update it.

Stelena () says:
It's gonna be nearly a year soon again..... Update please :-) ??

lecheflan () says about chapter 3:
please update this! and what the! they havent done it since the honeymoon? what happened to hte hot blooded seung jo? hahha. pls have pity on him!

rizzAndiny () says:
hi there, when are u going to update? i've been for forever here.. :)
update soon okay <3

chibibaka () says:
update pleasseeee ;A;

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