They ended up watching an action movie because it was the only thing that Jessica approved of. When they got inside, Jessica took the seat in the aisle, Yoona took the seat beside her, Yuri took the seat next to Yoona and Tiffany took the seat beside Yuri’s.


After settling in their seats, Yoona leaned in and whispered something in Jessica’s ear. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I’d be bringing my friends.”


“It’s alright.” Jessica smiled and took a sip of her soda.


“I just thought it’d be less awkward and maybe even more fun if we have someone with us.”


The lights were now off as the film starts. Yoona paid little attention to the movie. She was leaning back and often taking glances at Jessica. She noticed how Jessica flinched every time a gun was fired or something explodes. She laughed inwardly.


The movie finished and she doesn’t even have the slightest idea what it’s about, who the characters were and how it ended. No one has to know though.


“That was a cool movie,” she remarked as they went out.


“It was? I thought it was boring. Not much explosion.”


Yoona might not have been paying attention to the screen but she knew there were tons of gun shots and explosions. She stared at Yuri who had a light trace of dried drool on her face.


“You fell asleep the entire time, didn’t you?”


Yuri laughed it off but glared discreetly at her best friend, not wanting to be embarrassed in front of a new girl. “I did not fall asleep. That’s crazy and what do you mean by ‘again’? I never fall asleep while watching a movie.”


Even Tiffany had to laugh at Yuri’s absurd claim.


Jessica had no idea what was going on. All she was aware of at the moment was her hunger. “Can we eat? My treat.”


“We are never gonna say no to free food.”


Yoona shook her head at her shameless friends. “You don’t need to do that.”


“It’s fine.”


Jessica started walking and Yoona was supposed to walk by her side but she got pulled by her best friend.


“You’ve got a sugar mommy right there, Yoong.”


“Shut up, Yul. She’s just aware that we’re only students. I should’ve just brought Tiffany with me.” She saw the girl walking beside Jessica and they seemed to be getting along well. The two were even talking in English again.


“Oh don’t be like that. By the way, is Taeyeon-unnie and her band on tour again? I’ve been so busy with school and I haven’t been updated with what’s happening with them.”


“Really? Here I thought you’re my sister’s biggest fan. Taeng-unnie would be upset to know you’re not updated with them anymore.”


Yuri didn’t get to answer when Tiffany giddily interrupted them. “Hey guys, I’ve convinced Jessica-unnie to come with us this coming Saturday.”


They had a friend celebrating her 21st birthday on Saturday. Yoona was supposed to mention it later on but Tiffany beat her to it. They headed to a restaurant that didn’t require for them to spend more than fifteen minutes of waiting. They were famished and waiting in line to get a table for four is not an option.


They finally found one and Yoona’s friends excused themselves as they went to the washroom together.


“What?” Jessica questioned when she caught Yoona staring at her in a not-so-discreet manner.


“Fany sells better bags of poop than I do?”


The older girl had to chuckle at her sulking face. “Nope. She didn’t sell me a bag of poop. She didn’t sell me anything. She just talked to me.”


“If I asked you the same thing, you would decline, wouldn’t you?”


“Yes,” she answered bluntly.




Because you’re Taeyeon’s sister.


“Shouldn’t you just be happy that I’m going?”


“I am. I just don’t understand what it is that seems so repulsive about me that you don’t want to be associated with me. I had to force you to go out with me.”


“I’m just not interested.”


“Not even a fling?”


She shook her head. She would’ve been a little bit interested if she was faced with a girl that’s not related to her ex.


To her surprise, the ever so talkative Yoona stopped talking and remained quiet for the remainder of the day. Having two of her friends with them turned out to be a good idea.






“See you on Saturday.”


I watched Yoona get on the bus while I waited for a cab. This was so unlike the previous days we’ve met where she’d flag down a taxi for me and then leave.


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t relieved that the kid has finally understood what I was saying for the past couple of days but I wish I could’ve let her down easily. I didn’t think she’s the type to sulk.


When I got home, I saw Hyoyeon on the phone, probably with Sunny. I waved at her and went to the spare room of her house which is my temporary room while I’m here in Seoul. I opened my laptop and checked my emails. I logged in on Skype to see if my sister was still online. I wanted to talk to her not just because I wanted to check up on the house but I genuinely miss her. These past few days made me think about telling her about my past relationship with Taeyeon. Maybe that’ll cause her to share some stuff about her life as well.


When I saw that she was offline, I was already hovering the cursor on the ‘sign out’ button but then I saw her name. That’s right. I haven’t deleted her in my contacts yet. But this means she also hasn’t deleted me in hers yet, right?


I remember deleting everything Taeyeon-related that I’ve saved on my computer. Some of it permanently deleted. Some still in the recycle bin. I just couldn’t bring myself up in deleting them permanently yet.


I opened the folder and pressed ‘Ctrl+A’ but clicked a few folders before deleting the remaining ones. A few folder at a time should do.


“How’d your second date go?”


Hyoyeon sat beside me and pressed random buttons on my computer. Typical choding.


“God, stop pressing things! Jeez! It went well, okay? I’ve finally gotten rid of the persistent kid.”


“How is that ‘well’? I haven’t seen the kid. I don’t know how she is but damn, I bet she’s hot and I bet she’s also nice. You’re only turning her down because of her sister. I don’t even think it’s because you don’t want to be with your ex’s sister but because you’re still not over her. Can I ask you one question?”


“If I say no you’d still ask me.”


“Correct. Are you still hoping to get back together with Taeyeon? Please be honest.”


“I’m not.” I sighed and shut down my laptop, putting it on top of the bed side table. “Have you forgotten what I told you? I told you that I’m still hurt. She hurt me. She didn’t just break my heart, Hyo. She broke me. Every part of me. She let me build my world around her. She let me fall for her so deeply and in the end, she just left me to rot. She didn’t even try. She told me she loved me. I was a fool to think that she actually meant what she told me about us making a family together. It was my fault for believing her. I shouldn’t have, I know that. I just…I don’t even know what I’d do if I have to face her again. Having this…this thing with her sister would make it possible for us to meet again and I don’t want to make that possible.”


I buried my face in my hands and tried to push back every memory that involved Taeyeon that was threatening to creep up in my head.


“You two were really that serious, huh?”


I laughed mirthlessly. “I would’ve said yes if she asked me to marry her. I would’ve said yes in a heartbeat. Without thinking twice. That’s how serious I was. Her? I don’t know. With how it ended between us I could only guess she’s as serious as I am when I say I love cucumbers.”


“So you’re not going to see her anymore?”


“Well, her friend invited me to another friend’s birthday party on Saturday. I said I’d go.”


Hyoyeon grinned and poked my side. “Ooh, partying with college kids, huh? That should be fun.”


“Her friends are pretty cool.”


I checked my phone to see if Yoona sent me a message. There was none. I guess the kid really gave up.






Jessica followed the directions that Tiffany gave her and she arrived at an apartment in Cheongdam-dong. There were booze, loud music and tons of college kids doing crazyass things. When she entered the house, she was welcomed by five kids watching a cockroach burn to death on top of a Bunsen burner. At first she thought they were making s’mores. Boy, was she wrong on so many levels.


There was another group of kids who were getting wasted by pouring beer in the bath tub.


God, how I miss college!


She looked around and spotted Tiffany talking to both Yuri and Yoona. Her gaze met with Taeyeon’s little sister for a second before the latter walked away from the two girls.




“Jessica-unnie, you came,” Tiffany said. Well, more like yelled with that loud voice of hers.


She was walking towards them and being a person whose reaction is as slow as a sloth, she didn’t notice the drunk guy approaching with a cake on his hand. The guy tripped and the cake flew towards the right side of Jessica’s face.


She wiped the huge amount of icing that was now covering half of her face and turned to face the guy who was back on his feet again.


“Wow, dude…uh, sorry?”


Before she could attack the guy and discombobulate him, she felt a hand on her wrist, pulling her away.


“Let’s get you cleaned up.”


Yoona brought her to the bathroom and started wiping away the gunk off her face using a towel.


Jessica stared at the younger girl who was getting rid of the icing on her face. The latter noticed and stopped. She inched forward ever so slowly and the corner of the older girl’s lips. She pulled away and said, “That was a waste of a good cake.” She then kissed her and was surprised when she felt the older girl kissing back.


Yoona pulled the girl by the waist and placed a hand on the small of Jessica’s back. She figured after a few seconds that she needed to feel Jessica’s bare skin so she put her other hand under the older girl’s shirt and placed it on top of her abdomen. The kiss was getting feverish and they wouldn’t have stopped if they didn’t hear someone wailing outside, pleading to come in because they needed to use the bathroom.


That was Yoona’s cue to pull away. Both of them were slightly panting. The younger of the two wiped the remaining icing on Jessica’s face before going out, leaving Jessica inside the bathroom to wash her face.


After doing so, she looked at the mirror and questioned herself why she kissed back. She was also wondering why Yoona didn’t say something obnoxious about her kissing back and instead she just left her there. She decided she needed to get a drink so she went out and grabbed a drink from the mini-bar inside the house.


From across the room where other people were playing beer pong, she saw Yoona chugging down a drink and grabbing another one as soon as she finish one. She too, albeit unconsciously, started drinking more than she could actually take.


It didn’t even take an hour before the two ended up drunk and back to each other’s arms again. This time there was a role reversal. Instead of Jessica being the aggressive one, it was Yoona who was doing the work. Jessica grunted when she got pushed back onto the door and the doorknob digging slightly on the small of her back. “Yoona,” she ed, “my back.”


The said girl tried opening the door but failed. “It’s…it’s locked,” she said in between their kisses.


Yoona said something but it came out as slurred before she pulled away from Jessica and left her leaning on the door.


“Give me the keys to the goddamn room,” she said to some random person who probably didn’t even know who own the house.


Jessica, on the other hand, tried opening the door again and oddly enough succeeded in doing it. Yoona must’ve been really drunk not to be able to open a door…or really stupid.


“Yoon, it’s unlocked.”


The younger girl looked back and walked wobbly towards Jessica once again, gently pushing her inside. When they both got inside, Jessica was pressed up on the door once again.


The two got back to kissing with the occasional cupping of each other’s body parts but Yoona stopped when Jessica released another grunt. She switched positions with the girl so she was now pressed up against the door with Jessica leaning on her. She let her hand roam every inch of Jessica’s body, wanting to feel the heat emitted by the older girl.


She placed a hand on her and slowly brought up the same hand to the older girl’s bosom before placing it at the back of her thigh. She brought Jessica’s leg up and wrapped it around her small waist. Her hand was caressing a spot dangerously close to the other girl’s core.


Jessica was busy trying to take off her shirt. When she was done with that, she unbuttoned Yoona’s shirt and tossed it aside. She started unbuckling the younger girl’s pants and pulling it down in one swift motion. She did the same thing to hers. Now finally clad in just their undergarments, the two decided to take the action in the bed


Yoona shoved Jessica onto the bed and removed her own bra before taking off Jessica’s. The first time they did it, she didn’t really get to play with these so she took her time showing just how much she liked the fact that Jessica was well-endowed.


She on a and rolled the other one on her palm before playing with it using her index finger and her thumb. She felt herself getting wet when she heard Jessica’s s. It didn’t help that the older girl was pushing her head down south.


“Too impatient, Jessica.” She smiled and although she was still somewhat seeing double and her speech is still slurred, she still knows it wouldn’t be fun to end things too quickly. She complied with the older girl’s silent request but only so she could .


Yoona started rubbing the sensitive spot through her and she smirked when she heard Jessica complaining. She didn’t like the pace they were going at so she decided to part in the pleasuring as well.


She sat up and pulled Yoona up with her, trailing kisses from the girl’s neck down to her cleavage. She sneakily grabbed the waist band of Yoona’s and pulled it down. Now that there was nothing getting in her way, she took advantage of the easy access to the younger girl’s womanhood and inserted a finger.


Yoona threw her head back because of the pleasure that Jessica’s finger was giving her and to think that she only has one inside her. She wanted Jessica to feel the same way, it was after all what she wanted to do just before the other girl decided to do things her way, so without taking off Jessica’s underpants, she pushed aside the fabric that was blocking her access and copied what Jessica did.


“Yoo-Yoon—ahh,” Jessica ed but not even a minute later, the room was back to being quiet and by quiet, it meant just the sound of skin slapping against another and the girls’ s that were muffled due to their lip-locking.


It didn’t take long for the two to finally get their rhythm and as their fingers move inside each other’s core, they were brought closer to reaching their climax.


A finger was added due to the older girl’s demand and it wasn’t long before she finally came, love juice soaking Yoona’s slender fingers. She let Yoona ride on her fingers as if her life depended on and when she did, she lay down on top of the older girl. She grinned stupidly because Jessica’s bosoms really were soft and squishy, akin to a stuffed toy…for adults.


Jessica fell asleep as soon as they finished their deed but Yoona stayed up for a few more minutes. These minutes were spent kneading and squeezing the older girl’s chest. She succumbed to sleep but not before giving Jessica a good night kiss.



my failed attempt at writing some sort of chapter. i apologize for this is my first time doing it and if there's a tutorial in doing this, please share the link XD

i know it's neither yoona's nor jessica's birthday but they did it on the borthday celebrant's house so that has to account for something, right?


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