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Sulli's Love Stories ^^

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Characters Kim Hyung Joon SS501, Kim Kibum UKISS, Lee Jinki SHINee, Choi Jonghun FTIsland, Kim Sulli, etc


little girl who was 14 years old named Kim Sulli. Sulli has 2 brother named Kim Hyung Joon and Kim Kibum. Sulli used to live in Canada with his parents. Sulli and now wanted to stay with her brother in South Korea. 

here Sulli will face many obstacles. one of them Fangirls oppa (s)


this is My First Fanfic in Asianfanfic :)

please enjoy ^^


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kindie #1
sounds cute~! update soon!
saranghaeoppa24 #2
Hohoho~ Chukahae :D
senpay #3
congrats! ^^ Looks like a really good fanfic!
Chocolatemushrooms #4
Congratulations! Please update soon!
wakaiko #5
Kawaii_Player #6
Congrats of being feautured!!! Update soon!
kristioppa #7
Congratulations on getting featured
AverageCupOfTea #8
cognrats on the random feature :)))
MusicChibi #9
Congrats on the random feature :3
epicurean #10
Congratulations on getting featured.