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"My twin sister."

You shook your head in disgust. You went to your sheets and put a pillow above your head. Every word your mother said earlier keeps on nagging on your mind.

"You are twins. You were born on the same day. But your grandma, who happens to be your father's mother, didn't like me. So after I gave birth, she took your father, as well as Yixing." her tears started to fall again. You stared at Lay, but he was sitting comfortably on your couch, stirring the tea you had made for him. He also listened to your mother's explanation.

"But eomma, I'm Korean, he's Chinese. How did that happen?"

"You're Chinese, Baekmi. Full-blooded. I am, too. Your grandma commanded me to go here, to live here until you both grow up."

"Nai nai is already gone." 
he searched for his pocket and he put a piece of paper in the table. "Plane tickets. To China. Tomorrow is the scheduled flight."

Your mother gazed at the tickets. Then to you. Then to Lay.

"Appa already missed you. He wants to see you again. Eomma."

After that, your mother began to cry-a-river again and hugged Yixing. You just stared at them, blankly.

Lay looked at you. "You are going with me, you will live at the dorm while Eomma is not home."

"But..." you protested but you couldn't utter any explanation. You were still starstrucked to him, actually.

"We will follow Eomma when your semestral break came. Don't worry." he added.

You just sighed and walked towards your room, still surprised.


You heard a knock on your door. You removed the pillow above your head and opened the door.

Lay appeared in your front. "Can I go inside?"

"Sure." you let him enter your room and he sat on your bed.

"Come here." he patted his side and you just followed him.

"Still not comfortable with me, being your twin brother?" he asked you after a few minutes of silence.

"Honestly, yes. I'm not used to it. Especially, you're already an idol."

"So, you're ashamed of me?"

You gazed at him and shook your head. "That's not what I mean. I'm proud of you."

He pouted. "Are you sure? Or you're just saying that so I will be satisfied?"

You punched him in his arm. "Yah! That's not true!"

"Convince me, then."

You narrowed your eyes and opened your drawer. You grabbed your music player and put one of the earphones to his right ear. You then played a song.

After a few seconds, he removed it with disgust on his face. "Are you kidding me?! EXO-K sang it!"

You laughed on his expression. You laughed. Very hard. "I'm only joking, Yixing-ah!" then you pinched his cheek. "You're so cute."

"Call me oppa." he dictated.

"Why? We're twins so that's unnecessary."

"I'm a minute older than you." 
then he smiled. "You're so cute, dongsaeng!" then he also pinched your cheek.

"Stop that!"

"No." he pinched your nose. "Not until you call me oppa."

"Alright then, stop that, oppa."
 he removed his hands from your face so you shouted, "Yixing-ah!"

"Aish! You are really annoying!" then he ruffled your hair. "Who's your bias in EXO?" he asked, quickly.


"Really? Or you're just joking again?"

"I'm not!"
 then you played with your fingers. "It's just that when I first saw you, something triggered in my mind and said that you must be my bias. Then, until today, you're still my favorite."

"How sweet of you. How about EXO-K?"

You stopped for a moment. Then your cheeks flushed red. "Suho."

"Suho is nice. Don't worry. But..." you looked at him, giving him a signal to continue. "Do not try to make a mess when you're there, okay? Especially with Luhan."


"I'm giving you a warning. Not everything you see in front of your laptop or television is true.then he stood up. "Pack up."

"Why so soon?"

"We're leaving after an hour. I have a practice later."

"But how is Eomma?"

"You can bid goodbye to her later. Afterall you'll see her after a few weeks. Don't bother much, sis."

You nodded and he got out of your room. You started to pack your things.


You bid your goodbyes to your mother and Lay brought your luggage.

"Bye Eomma. See you in China in a few weeks." you said.

"Take care of yourself, okay? Study well. Yixing, do well in everything, okay?"

"Yes Eomma."
 then you both waved to her and rode a bus. Lay put his disguise again so that no one will be noticing him.

You arrived at a dorm in Gangnam-gu and explored everything with your eyes.

I am living with EXO, right? Am I dreaming?

"You're not dreaming, Baekmi. You're going to live with EXO in one house."

You looked at him with disgust and didn't answer. How did he know what I'm thinking?

"Go ahead. Knock." he commanded you. You did what he said.

"Coming." you heard a voice. Wait, is that Kris?

Just in time, you saw a tall man in front of you. You had to tilt your head up.

Then, some boys drew near him, and was now staring at you.

"Who is she, Yixing?" Kris asked to your brother.

"My twin sister." Yixing said and entered the house with your luggage. You followed, leaving EXO dumbfounded.


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Chapter 63: amazing.... a really good one
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Chapter 63: this story was so good. I had read almost half and then stopped for a while. but im glad I decided to finish it today. its almost midnight so I should go to sleep. but this story was worth it. love you author-nim ♡ thanks so much all the relationships in this story were amazing.
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Chapter 63: And I'm happy that the story ended how I wanted it too!!
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Chapter 31: I want it to be real! Not just a dream
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Chapter 62: This is incredible! I enjoyed it so much ^^ well done :D
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