We Got Married♥

by NyappyxHehehe
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OC /// SHINee


Two American born Koreans who are best friends are entered into a contest which they get married to SHINee! The problem is, is that they don't even know what the heck is SHINee! They are sent to Korea and live in a house with them; Haneul has already been paired with Key, Taemin, and Minho. And Hee-Jin is paired with JongHyun and Onew. What happens when the three months end they could only choose one to "officially" marry? What happens when more than friendly feelings going around? What happens when friendships are torn apart?


"Hi." Haneul and Hee-Jin said bowing to the five guys in front of them.

"My name is Lee Haneul." She smiled bowing again.

"My name is Kim Hee-Jin."  She said bowing as well.

"Well you might know our names right?" The one they think named JongHyun smiled. The two were thankful that someone had told them who is who beforehand

"Yeah, thank you for letting us into your home."

“No problem, how old are you two anyway?” The one Minho said coolly.

“Well, I’m 17.” Haneul smiled.

“I’m 18.”

“Everyone is so young I feel so old!” Onew said jokingly.

“So, here a note we got from the producers.” Taemin said handing the letter to Hee-Jin.

She opened it and read it aloud. “Now that the girls arrived we need to worry about pairing but we have it covered, Haneul will get Minho, Taemin, and Key. And Hee-Jin will get JongHyun. Also there are only two rooms in the whole house meaning each night it’ll alternate but only for the guys.”

“Eh!? I have to sleep with a guy?” Haneul said worried.

“Don’t worry there two beds.” Minho laughed at her reaction.

“Ah, good.”

“Anyway let’s start with the first challenge!” Key said walking closer to the girls.

“What is it?” Hee-Jin asked.

“Cooking!” Onew said hurrying to the kitchen Hee-Jin in tow.
“What should we make?”  Haneul asked uncomfortably to the three guys in front of her.

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--Made-In-China () says about chapter 12:
Kyaaaa I love your story so far! Update soon

gotaemin () says:

springdreamer () says:
Jessica unnie,update!
the story is jjang!♥
♥ing it sooo much!
btw,I'm a new reader!♥

Deeeeerrrkpop () says:
Jessica update please~
I like this story so much:D

onlythebest24 () says:
i love jiwoon and seulong they're hilarious! lol im rooting for couple minhan!

Minhole () says:
/rooting for taemin and hanuel.
poor jonghyun and the baby Dx
but aw, onew ~~ hehe, i hope hee jin gets more coverage. i like her a lot < 3

sarangstoryxx () says:
finally got caught up! update soon please!! <3

minho1lover () says:
lol cute story! update soon! :)

xFlyHigh () says:
Diapers .______.
Key had more or less the same line twice xDD
Update soon ^^

TeenageDream () says:
hahaha I can imagine Taemijnie covered in paint!! XP
Update soon~! :)

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