[PIC] 121125 EXO cosplayer @ SMTown Bangkok

by BenBens_Panda
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"A fanboy who looks like Sehun, he's a Thai fan who is cosplaying as Baekhyun. He has really cool poses!"

cr: weibo 吴诗心
translated by xiaoyu please take out with full creds
*a deep appreciation for EXO fanboys ^.^


"EXO fanboys are genuinely attractive~//: Suddenly I feel that Thai fanboys are so pretty!"

cr: weibo 梦崽崽崽子

translated by xiaoyu please take out with full credits

*assuming this is Em from the fanboygroup Millenium Boy? ^_^ he's gaining so much popularity on weibo xD*


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anotherstranger () says about chapter 723:

dorkymeow () says about chapter 781:
This is so cuteeeee!

Lilla9803 () says about chapter 491:
Friend: You're not driving, you're not driving. HEEL NO! xD

yoon-ji19 () says about chapter 791:
can i ask what issue is this? is this the one with the cnblue and jyj cover?

katbaukee () says about chapter 583:
Im laughing so hard with this..kke~
i want to piss xiumin.kke~.

anotherstranger () says about chapter 385:
"Tao: 10 Gucci Bags and a dead body." AHAHA XDD

Tiffany122 () says about chapter 26:
Chanyeol o

EXOTICsumin () says about chapter 34:
Awww ... so cute

SHINeeJam501 () says about chapter 804:
WOOOOOOTTTTT!!! *throws confetti* <333

This fic will forever be in my favorites!!! I checked every chapter again! XDD AHAHAH. <333

damned_beast () says about chapter 799:
maybe it been late but stil I want to give a reaction for this letter:

more than essay, it look like a love letter for luhan from the noona that know everything about him more than the fan she mention above --*I currently studied Psychology and Criminology
(it'll appear as the pre OCD syndrome where some individual would have a Great Sympathy and make some deep connection with the/some unaware individual as they are part in their life residency which described with the detailed knowledge of the object private life) --before I learn this subject maybe I look a bit like this too ^^;

actually I've met luhan a couple times when I work. but different with the noona POV...I prefer just casually observe him from distance in without getting too deep with his problem..since Luhan just as we know how he urge to be seen as a Man despite SM cordi/company needs to make all male talents feel like a prince that come off from shojo manga which would be seen/judge as "GAY" or "to metro" (even it was Siwon, Kris, Minho etc) by majority of male in the RYL --too bad this is a venus trap for the younger or the fans that need something to be seen up & it work effectively...he need no Pity to be a Man..so does all EXO

to be Idol is his choice. He should know the consequences and that goes well with some SM talents that get a mental illness because of depression & pressure for his enviroment.

just like a double edge sword.in one side he Got his dream, fame & wages to life yet he must give a service to his fans and the company

actually If I said it's alright if Luhan may fall down because of fans someday, I'm sure I would get many negative reply.. but in one point I believe the moment he get up from his fall would be the real Glorious moment in his life to make him a hu-man

tehe~ done
well maybe if the noona want to avoid the kind of situation she afraid to be..she should change the order of Korean society mindset that focusing on the outer looks and society social prejudice

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