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[PIC] 121125 EXO cosplayer @ SMTown Bangkok

"A fanboy who looks like Sehun, he's a Thai fan who is cosplaying as Baekhyun. He has really cool poses!"

cr: weibo 吴诗心
translated by xiaoyu please take out with full creds
*a deep appreciation for EXO fanboys ^.^


"EXO fanboys are genuinely attractive~//: Suddenly I feel that Thai fanboys are so pretty!"

cr: weibo 梦崽崽崽子

translated by xiaoyu please take out with full credits

*assuming this is Em from the fanboygroup Millenium Boy? ^_^ he's gaining so much popularity on weibo xD*


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anotherstranger #1
dorkymeow #2
Chapter 781: This is so cuteeeee!
Lilla9803 #3
Chapter 491: Friend: You're not driving, you're not driving. HEEL NO! xD
yoon-ji19 #4
Chapter 791: can i ask what issue is this? is this the one with the cnblue and jyj cover?
katbaukee #5
Chapter 583: Im laughing so hard with this..kke~
i want to piss xiumin.kke~.
anotherstranger #6
Chapter 385: "Tao: 10 Gucci Bags and a dead body." AHAHA XDD
Tiffany122 #7
Chapter 26: Chanyeol o
EXOTICsumin #8
Chapter 34: Awww ... so cute
SHINeeJam501 #9
Chapter 804: WOOOOOOTTTTT!!! *throws confetti* <333

This fic will forever be in my favorites!!! I checked every chapter again! XDD AHAHAH. <333