Start Over

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Kim Jongin, a 16 year old high school student, has never really taken much interest in Do Kyungsoo until he finally experiences the crazy phenomenon known as time-travel.


pairing: jongin/kyungsoo
genre: romance, fluff, high school, drama
rating: pg-13/ one chap is nc-17

length: multi-chaptered
status: completed

★ Featured on August 9, 2014

Russian - takoyakey
Russian - mmongji
Italian - DoDalila

omg tysm for all the support on this story. it's been almost 2 years and there's still a lot of ppl reading this. I CANT EVEN READ IT I CRINGE ALL THE TIME

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lufyaa #1
Chapter 6: Woah!! Jongin is so cool here!!! Kyyaa!! I'm actually squealing when he rejected that girl..haha!! I can imagined him doing that...*sigh* I'm melting..
Blancrose #2
Chapter 45: Please don't erase this masterpiece. Remake is awesome but please let this stay as it is. I love this, I love you, I love everything related to this masterpiece ~T_T~
Chapter 45: A remake would be nice but a part of me is dying on the inside at the thought of not being able to read the original again :'(
Chapter 45: I can't believe you wrote this when you were in 8th grade. When I was a eighth grader, I couldn't even tie my shoes properly.
Also, I think you should do a remake but separated from the original one. ^^ I would be so sad if this version disappeared.
Chapter 45: Yay I cant believe you post this again. I asked you about it before. Thank you so much.

And if you asked my opinion, I alrwady love this story the way it is. I read this during my first year of university and I dont feel cringe or anything. It is great.

But if you want to make a remake, as in a new version of Start Over I will be glad to read. Maybe you can change the place where Kyungsoo is the one who's going back to the past (its been like a year I didnt read this back I forget am I saying the right plot?
Chapter 45: in my personal opinion.. you could do a separate remake version :') cuz im honestly satisfied with the ori one <3
Red_7892 #7
Chapter 45: You should make a new Start Over and separate it into two different stories!
claire088 #8
Chapter 45: i think it'd be a great idea to do a rewrite! if it's something you're looking into alr it could show you how much you've improved and i guess give us a fresh look on it. personally i'd say you should make a completely separate story though bc someone might have specific parts in this one they want unchanged :)
meltedsummer #9
Chapter 45: Author I think I'm around your age bcs now I'm 2nd year of college and I read this ff back then in 2013 when I started my 1st year of high school hahah
Chapter 44: Wow this is amazing!!!