Oppa's Not My Style


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Byun Baekhyun is single and tired of it. All of his friends are in deeply committed relationships and though he relishes his position as the only single one among them, he secretly wishes for what they have. So when his best friend and roommate, Luhan, calls him up saying that he's found the perfect guy for him, Baekhyun is excited. He tries not to be overly so since his tastes are quite specific and he doesn't think even Luhan can find him the perfect guy but he's willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. When he meets the guy, however, he is far from perfect. In fact, he may very well be Baekhyun's worst nightmare.




Park Chanyeol finds himself warmly welcomed when he moves into his new apartment complex, so much so that his new friend and neighbour, Luhan, offers to set him up on a blind date. "What do you have to lose?" Luhan says convincingly. "If nothing else, you'll make a new friend." Luhan is right so Chanyeol readily agrees. Before the date, however, he runs into a cute, interesting guy in the elevator who makes him almost reconsider going on the date at all. Almost. When he arrives at the restaurant and finds the cute elevator guy sitting there watching him in shock, he thinks that The Fates must be on his side. But then...why does it seem like cute elevator guy, Byun Baekhyun, doesn't like him?


Also featuring:



HunHan: Luhan is Baekhyun's best friend. No one knows him better. With his boyfriend, Sehun, at his side, they set out to shake up Baekhyun's stagnant love life. But will it cost him his friendship?




TaoRis/Kray/TaoKrisXing: Tao, Kris and Yixing are Luhan's fellow countrymen and closest friends, after Baekhyun. Their relationship is unconventional to say the least, something that Baekhyun never fails to remind them of as he constantly thumbs his nose at them. Despite what some may think, they're happy. Or...at least two of them are. One of them is having an internal crisis that may destroy their relationship for good.



As you read you will notice that the other couples, especially Hunhan, feature prominently. I guess it's more of a story on relationships in general, not just Baekyeol, though they are the main.

I hope you enjoy my little (long-) ficcy and don't forget to comment. You know how much I love those ;)

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PS: I've already given permission for this to be translated into at least FIVE languages so please don't ask again. No further permission will be granted.

Thanks for all your comments, guys. They really mean a lot.

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notlouisep #1
Chapter 2: awmawgawd that was so good i feel blessed
Chapter 2: Here again for the nth times...
miyukicheerful #3
Chapter 4: Kris tao yixing story is just so amazingly deep . It's my favorite ever. If only they had their own separate story abt their relationship omg that would make me weak.
soulforbootay #5
Chapter 4: im soooo in love for thissssssss
emperor_carat #6
Chapter 4: oh my that was a great story im in love aaaa
Lovexo28 #7
This story was soooo good! Thank you for your hard work <3
Chapter 2: Oh my Jisoos! This story was such a masterpiece, I've absolutely loved it. The more I read the more I felt Baekhyun's struggles but I also understood Chanyeol's and you know I've never felt this attachment to a fanfiction, man it might be fiction but the emotional pain was real. I truly enjoyed it! Thank you author-nim for this beautiful story!
Chapter 1: I love this story!! I love Baekhyun's character, I feel him on an emotional level and I feel so bad for him for this ty situation (Luhan is such a meanie sometimes!) And Chanyeol, damn son he is just so perfect,adorable,awesome and so on that he makes me wanna scream (I can't understand if in a good way or in a bad way)
Ps: love HunHan (so hella cute) and XingKrisTao (I wouldn't mind being the third wife)
Great work author-nim! :)
tyty75 #10
Chapter 2: Omg this story is perfect for me... Baek's character is so close to mine... thanks writernim, i've got many things to learn from this :))