Falling for You
















Yong Hwa:

Age - 27  (DOB - June 22)

Born in Seoul, but with Busan lineage. Completed his Masters in Business Administration from London Business School. Vice President at his father's business firm. Has a younger brother, Jonghyun.

Traits - Handsome, Tall, Charismatic, Confident, Assertive, Suave













Seo Joo Hyun:

Age - 22 (DOB - June 28)

Born in Seoul. Her mother passed away when she was 14. Her father runs a small bakery at one end of the city. She is in the final year of her degree in Mass Communication and rents an apartment near her college, with her friend Im Yoona. Works part time at a departmental store.

Traits - Stunning, Calm, Optimistic, Naive, Enthusiastic










Im Yoona:

Age - 22 (DOB - May 30)

From a wealthy family, she is Joo Hyun's best friend, roommate and batchmate.

Traits - Beautiful, Happy-go-lucky, Wise, Lively




















Age - 25 (DOB - May 15)

Younger brother of Yonghwa. Working under his father's firm before pursuing his Masters. Loves to party.

Traits - Good looking, Tall, Fun, Flirt (kinda)



Author's Note:


This is my first fanfiction. Recently stumbled upon KPOP music and since then have been a fan of CNBLUE and SNSD. After watching WGM, I adored the Yongseo couple. Hence they are the main characters of this story, with Jonghyun and Yoona as the supporting roles. 

I would like to admit that some instances of this story have been inspired by a book called 'Fifty Shades of Grey' (for example, how the characters meet etc). But rest all is my imagination. :)

Also, if there is any similarity of the plot with other fictions, it is purely coincidental. I apologize beforehand, for any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Also please forgive me if i make any mistakes with some korean words that i have tried to use.

Would love to hear your comments.

Thank You.


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PastryPrincess #1
sweetness overload, just enough of the rated M, a bit of angst. a hit combo for a great story. please write and share more. thank you!
pipipink #2
Some correction.
Some word His or Her sometimes in the wrong place. Or those word exchange place. ^_^ but the story line it awesome ;)
pipipink #3
Chapter 17: After read yongseo tales i am here to read your another story of yongseo. What say... It wonderful really. Love their charcter. Thank you for wonderfull story... It glad that they have happy live.
Firacardosh #4
HOHOHO, it's seems like you made 50 shades of grey YS version! >/////<(Minus BSDM thing though!) I'm glad Hyun Unnie finally understand Yong oppa concern toward her work-mate. Thank's for the story author-nim
malika #5
Chapter 17: I miss your story and reread this one...thanks for sharing
nagbabasalang #6
Chapter 17: thank you for the story~ :D
nagbabasalang #7
Chapter 13: dayum...

nagbabasalang #8
Chapter 5: i thought the chap's rated M because of Yoona ang Jonghyun... XD
specialtha #9
Chapter 1: this story remind me 50 shades of grey, but this is relly good story. i love yongseo from the start. please write another yongseo story authornim. thank you
MrsDuckbutt #10
Chapter 17: Thank you!