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The Last Time

Daesung was waiting anxiously at the airport. Seunghyun was about to arrive any moment. It's been two years since he had seen him. He wished they could have reunited in better circumstances but fate had a twisted mind. He let out a sigh of relief when he spotted Seunghyun. He waved at him and Seunghyun automatically waved back.

Daesung could sense Seunghyun's sorrow from afar. He was wearing dark glasses and Daesung knew they were hiding swollen red eyes.

Seunghyun had never been the sensitive type. He always looked cool and composed to outsiders, but when it came to Vick and him, he was totally a different person. May be it was due to the fact that Vick was his twin and he, Daesung, was his childhood and best friend. Around the two of them, Seunghyun was himself; soft, caring and gentle

He had also the tendency to be in charge and act like he was their hyung. They were of the same age but Seunghyun always took care of them.

Daesung smiled softly as Seunghyun came closer. He bit down on his lip when Seughyun put down his bag and threw himself in Daesung's arms.

"Welcome home, Seunghyun," Daesung whispered in Seunghyun's ear.

He could feel Seunghyun nod on his shoulder before he pulled back, uttering a weak 'thanks'.

Daesung squeezed his shoulders lightly and ushered him to his car, grabbing Seunghyun's bag in the process.

They stayed silent for so long inside the car. Seunghyun was lost in thoughts and Daesung didn't want to disturb him.

"Where are we going?" Seunghyun inquired, "This is ...

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AllisonRowe #1
Chapter 24: Oh my gosh this is heart breaking! You're stories, oh my gosh. This is my fave so far. Jiyong's position is really difficult. Loving someone who hurt you badly is really difficult. .falling inlove with someone who deceived you and sent you to jail even though you are innocent must be heartbreaking, esp if you still love that person.

This is DAEBAK. My fave so far :) you are a genius! Keep on rockin'!!!
Mechanicali3ear #2
Chapter 27: Wow...I like the way you write and I Absolutely loved it!! Can't wait to read more of your stories! :D
ChoiKwon8887 #3
Chapter 27: this is beautiful
my favourite story
eaintmyat #5
Chapter 27: This story is very very prefect...... I like it ..... l read again and again and again..... still great.........
g_topx #6
Chapter 27: I love your writing ! <3 LOVE!
GTOP8887 #7
Chapter 27: This Is Breathtaking!

I Love How You Develop This Story, With A Twist, But Still A Great Ending! It's Brilliantly Written. Thank You For Sharing! <3
Classified_Joker #8
Chapter 27: this is absolutely beautiful *^*
you played my heart and brain alright xD
no like seriously, this story is so beautiful I let myself drown in it *^*
thingy, at first I too thought Jiyong was innocent but then bam! the gun was there...and I was like, "wait...no...but..." yeah
and so I thought it was Youngbae who killed Vick, 'cause I just can't leave Jiyong's side (I'm a Dragon xD ), but I didn't get why he would do that
then yeah it really was Youngbae and I was like... "oh damn I didn't see that reason coming."
anyways, thank you, you made the ending so beautiful :')
and this story itself is so beautiful, or can I say gorgeously written? I don't even know anymore.
just...take all the compliments that exist, you deserve it.
mikadosm #9
Chapter 27: Thank you for sharing and writing! This story was very good and the border between truth and betrayal or lies are great. The back an forth between them killed me and somehow I already have thought that Youngbae was the murderer ^^ Great happy ending and they look so hot *-*
Nour93 #10
Chapter 27: i loved it so so so much TT
its so breathtakingly beautiful
thank u for writing this :)