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Please Verify Your Age [M]

Trigger Warning
by naughtyXkpop
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Tags   exo   luhan   sehun   sehan   hunhan   | Report Content | A A A A

Please Verify Your Age - main story image


Lu Han, Se Hun, and Exo-M & K


It's said to be unfortunate when someone passes away. Tragic when they move onto that better place where all is forgiven.  But in their world that's not how it works. There is no happy place for those who die, only suffering and silence. None are forgiven for their life choices.

Ever hear the phrase 'never cross star-crossed lovers'? Lu Han and Se Hun only wanted to be happy together. But Lu Han's friends wouldn't let that happen, wouldn't let him go. Pushed and pulled on the fine strings of love until both ends finally snapped. Friends aren't important anymore. Only eachother and revenge are important. Nothing else matters. They just want to love eachother, what's the harm in that?

Harm. Injury, either physical or mental, that can never be repaired. No matter what happens they can never be friends again. But now it's Lu Han and Se Hun turn. Their turn to bask in the pain of those they hate and those that hate them. It is not a world for the weak or the misguided. It is dark and it looms over the small party involved. The madness.

Revenge is supposedly sweet. Well this pair have quite the sweet tooth.



Hello and salutations! ^^

I'm here with another fanfic I guess. It was cooked up after re-watching this movie I absolutely adore. Called The Final.

Anyways so here it is. Don't know quite when it might update but soon and wiithin the next couple hours.

IIt's on this profile due to there may be sexy times and whatnot and possibly slight gore or some shit.

Anways, I am a new fan to Hunhan. I never really got onboard that ship. But whatever right?

-Love Alicia

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naughtyXkpop [A] () says:
oh they hurt sehun, hinthint the scar.

Nomichui () says about chapter 1:
WHOAH! :) I wonder what they did for Hunhan to get so angry and want revenge xD And so the countdown begins :)

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