Evil Maknae's Game Lesson


We all know the evil maknae with hundreds of nicknames: Cho Kyuhyun

We also know the angelic leader who lost his wings: Park Jungsu.

With some hot Heechul on the side,

let's make a wonderful dish of Super Junior fried rice!s


Kyuhyun is sitting against the couch playing on his game thingy again.

Leeteuk looks up from his laptop, staring into space, wondering what his Twitter password was.

If he doesn't tweet, all the ELFs will be disappointed, and he doesn't want that to happen.


Kyuhyun looks at his hyung wondering what he is thinking about,

while thinking himself about what game to get for his PSP.

Obviously, there aren't many choices, since he has gotten most of them already.


The leader and maknae look at each other and laugh.

Both of them are so close, yet so far.


Kyuhyun goes back to playing his favourite game: Starcraft.

Continue, continue, continue..

But seriously! How can he play for so long!?

Leeteuk is looking at his laptop screen, blanking out.

He looks at Kyuhyun playing happily on his PSP,

maybe he could ask him to teach him?


[A/N] This is my first kpop fanfiction! I've read so many and never realised how hard it is! xD

ChibixMiku, megumeki, staticdream, angelqmin unnie! You've all gotten my everlasting respect! T___T

Apart from that, hope whoever reads this enjoys it and suscribes! ^O^


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ChelsJong #2
oh, let me know if you have anymore kyuhyun and leeteuk fanfic! post on my wall! <3
ChelsJong #3
i love chapter 1 but after that, i'm lost ):
merine #4
LOL cheesy story THROUGHOUT! But that's a good thing for THIS story. I dunno, this story is just too cute and so it is okay for it to be CHEESY~ HAHA, but I have a tiny question: "Why is it rated????" o.O
ivylicious18 #5
LOL cute maknae
misaki95 #6
hehe..the storie is fine and you know...you did a good job maintaining people's interest within the storie without having a main female character...^____^...most other storie usually have a female character to strengthen their storyline or it will be very rated loves storie between 2 guys..and yours is just lovely..eh...did i comment too much??if you want to improve more, just keep on practicing and writing..hehe..this comments came from my unnie..when i starts writing my storie....hwaiting!
Ai_Dami #7
@LolliOh and @ChiakiChan<br />
<br />
Thanks! And yeah we all do :'3
ChiakiChan #8
Sad how Heechul misses Hannie, we all do!<br />
Love this a lot, update soon ^^
MamaDeAi #9
Awesome.<br />
Ai_Dami #10
@MachiShupp Gomawo unnie! I realised I only posted on your wall and you might not have seen it ~<br />
KEKE ~ I'll change the stuff when I update..hopefully soon :3
MachiShupp #11
Rather than ___:____ as a thinking dialog, you can click the italic . That would make the fanfic more yeppun. <3<br />
<br />
Like I said before, I come from fanfiction.net and it was far more constructive there T^T. Some of them who are very experienced as a fanfiction writer, gave strict but good comment for us to improve <3 Maybe you should find a beta there to work on your fanfic for improvements on plot , writing, and more?<br />
<br />
I've found a beta there, got my writing better than back in 2008. >__<" ~<br />
<br />
Btw, your fanfic is really good, you got into the character well! <3