Kiss of the Rose Princess


"Sometimes the person you'd take a bullet for ends up being the one behind the gun." 

A maniac father out to kill his daughter. A tenacious Sora. Twelve coveted Rose Warriors. A series of disasters and chance.

Kiss of the Rose Princess. 



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it was based on the manga right ?
119 streak #2
Chapter 1: Are you going to repost the story anywhere else?
SailAwayWithMe #3
Chapter 1: This is was one of my favorite stories ever!!! I’m sad you were forced to take it down. How can I get my hands on the revamp??
Chapter 1: I loved this story!! This is sad(TT)
I really want to read how it ends!!
I really support u!! Fighting! :)
Yeol177 #5
Chapter 1: I really love this story I was reading it on wattpad but then it was token down
I hope I can finish reading it someday
Chapter 1: I just started reading the first chapter but then I stop for a few days. And then here I am wanting to continue but sadly you already take it down T_T Awwww this is sad TTTTT__TTTTTT But gonna support you all the way tho <3
Myst_Dance #7
Chapter 1: I really love this story. I’m sorry that all those shameless people took your concept of this story and call it their own. I hope you will reopen this story to the public and let your beautiful work known to the world without stealing your efforts. I really want to finish this story because I have been with it since day one. I will continue to follow your other works as well and will support you all the way because you deserve it. Go girl! #feminist #alltheway
AidaAiBTS #8
I really hope that i could read this fic since a lot of people said that this fic is the best but maybe i am a little bit late.. but i will wait for your other fic though
Chapter 1: Can't believe this happened! Of course I'm looking forward to the new story!
Chapter 1: Oh no! I can't believe this masterpiece is being plagiarized! Man I've read this so many times, yet I never get tired of it. I'm looking forward to what you have in store for us lowly readers hehe