Footsteps (One-shot)

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Love has no boundaries.


My second horror EunHae fic. Don't worry, though, because I won't be doing another one like this anytime soon. =)))))))))) Oh, and this story contains DISTURBING THEMES. =^^=


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killer_ah #1
Chapter 1: Oh my God :-o this is really good actually...hyukjae you're so sweet...i'd love to have a husband like you...but the thought of hae had already dead made me sad...anyway, thanks for psycho! XP
Likekk #2
Chapter 1: I will make my friend read this hahahhah
No sleep sub I will subscribe
Likekk #3
Chapter 1: OMG !!!!!! I puke in my mouth
What the ...... that was scary (0_o)
I came hier because off no updates
(Damn does story's) and omg you
Made me creep out

That was GOOD really Gooooood but scary
leemaerin #4
Chapter 1: my heart has been going thumpthumpthump for nnth time. ive subscribed to this story so ive read this umm long time ago, not sure when but i didnt manage to comment Dx i believe at first if this whole thing happened in real life, i couldnt think of people more pshyciatric than hyukjae in this. BUT i watched the news of this kind of case and it had me tremble with fear. such human actually exist. and he also claimed about the same thing hyuk did as if it is normal, omg. thanks for this horror love story again!!
Leah3k #5
Chapter 1: Ok, now I'm so so concerned. It's like it's sweet but creepy... So it's creeply sweet (?)
Now I'm just rambling.
Motahareh #6
Chapter 1: Ops I meant 12:30 AM
Motahareh #7
Chapter 1: I read it at 12:30 PM and I crieddddddddd aloooottttt: ((( it was the first fanfic I cried for...
elfelfelfelf #8
Chapter 1: Just wooww...honestly i didnt feel scared at all even though its 00:30....actually i like the concept..well this is the first fic i read for...lets get started with another one
mrs_hardy #9
Chapter 1: What a cute and creepy story. Hyuk still was love sick of Donghae despite he was dead. So creative, great job! ^^*
pologirl0611 #10
Chapter 1: So creative, but creepy lol