“Get off my cubicle.”

In Style

Youngjae looked up from his desk when a shadow was suddenly making it hard to see the paper in front of him. He met eyes with his co-worker staring down at him.

“Get off my cubicle.”  Youngjae looked back down to his paper.

Himchan smiled. “New guy starts work today. What should we do to him?”

Youngjae thought back to his first day at work. He wasn’t sure if he should smile or sneer at the thought. They had basically tormented him for two weeks by forcing him to do all the work in the office until Youngjae finally snapped and told them he wasn’t going to do their work anymore. His co-workers had simply told him that they only did it to see if he would stand up for himself.

If someone couldn’t stand up for themselves, they didn’t belong in the fashion industry. He had never expected the men’s fashion industry to be so fierce. Youngjae couldn’t help but be excited to get revenge.  

Youngjae had two jobs. One was making sure the clothes were in the right spot and easy to find before a fashion show. If he made a mistake or a piece of clothing was moved, it could mean the whole show being ruined.

The other was designing the layout for the catalogs. He preferred that job and Youngjae thought he was pretty good at it too. Youngjae sighed. He wanted a promotion or something though. After all, he’d been working here for almost three years and everyone else had at least gotten a raise.

Except for him.

The thought annoyed Youngjae but he kept telling himself it would be okay, he just had to be patient. He would get his raise. . . Eventually.

He looked up hearing his boss calling for everyone’s attention. Youngjae stood up and looked over his cubicle walls. His breath was momentarily taken away by the man standing next to Yongguk. Youngjae couldn’t help but think he was really, really good looking.

“This is Jung Daehyun.” Yongguk patted him on the back. “He’s pretty new when it comes to the industry, so everyone help him out. We’ll have a welcoming party for him this weekend.”

Youngjae held back a laugh. Those were the exact words that Yongguk had said when he’d joined the company.

Everyone gave a half hearted ‘Welcome’.

Yongguk looked around the office and smiled when he spotted what he was looking for. Youngjae followed his eyes. He shook his head. Junhong. The just barely over sixteen years old intern.

Yongguk called out his name. “Junhong, I want to talk to you about something in my office.”

Youngjae held back a sneer. . Everybody knew the two had some kind of relationship but nobody ever dared to say anything about it. Nobody really cared since Yongguk had become so much nicer since Junhong started working there.

As soon as Yongguk and Junhong went towards Yongguk’s office, everyone was crowding around Daehyun. Himchan circled Daehyun with Jongup following close behind and looked him up and down, trying to make him feel uncomfortable. Daehyun laughed. And it wasn’t one of those awkward ‘I want to die, please stop, hehe’ kind of laughs.

Youngjae suddenly got a bad feeling.

“You’re pretty hot. . . and you dress really nice too. Youngjae looked like a thrift store his first day here.” Himchan nodded in approval. “Welcome.” He said before turning around and going to his own cubicle. Youngjae’s mouth almost fell open. Daehyun had been accepted that fast? They weren’t going to haze him?

It pissed him off that Himchan had to bring up his first day. Youngjae hadn’t had enough money to buy new, branded clothing then.

Jongup followed Himchan like a lost puppy, leaving Youngjae standing awkwardly in front of Daehyun. He didn’t know what to do or say.

“I’m guessing Yongguk and. . . Jun-” He trailed off for a moment, trying to remember the name. “Junhong talk a lot.”

Youngjae was feeling bitter. He’d been waiting forever for another employee to be hired just so he could get his revenge. He could sense that Daehyun was going to piss him off. It wasn’t fair for him to be so easily accepted. . .

Youngjae promptly turned around and went towards his cubicle. He narrowed his eyes hearing footsteps behind him. He spun around.

“Why are you following me?” He snapped.

Daehyun chuckled. “My cubicle is next to yours, I think.”

Youngjae suddenly felt stupid. He cleared his throat and looked away. “Oh.” He mentally cursed himself and everyone in the room.

“I’m Daehyun.” He held out his hand. “What’s your name?”

Youngjae ignored his hand. “Youngjae.”

Daehyun looked at his hand before looking back at Youngjae. He dropped his hand back down to his side. Youngjae turned away and sat down in his computer chair. Daehyun shrugged it off and went to the cubicle next to Youngjae’s.

Youngjae tried to focus on his computer screen but the only thing he could focus on was Daehyun’s humming. His obnoxious humming. He wondered how he’d ever found Daehyun attractive, even for a moment.

Youngjae felt a little self conscious about himself.  He looked down to his own clothes, regretting that he’d chosen to dress a little more casual today. A white button down shirt and fitted blue jeans. It was stylish but not compared to Daehyun’s expensive and well tailored suit.  He thought he dressed well now, so why did Himchan have to bring up his first day here? He sighed. Youngjae didn’t know why it was bothering him so much.

He just had a feeling this Daehyun person was going to be nothing but trouble.

With that thought, he finally focused on designing the layout for the catalog. Youngjae didn’t know how much time had passed when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Himchan wanted me to tell you that you’re going to be late for the fashion show.” Jongup awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck.

Youngjae looked at the clock and his eyes widened. “!” He ran passed Jongup and towards the stairs, yelling curse words all the way there. Daehyun laughed. He stood up and went to the water dispenser.

Daehyun started to walk past Youngjae’s cubicle but he stopped, noticing Youngjae had left the catalog page he’d just designed up. He pursed his lips and looked around the office. Everybody seemed to have gone to their own cubicles, except for Junhong who was at the printer making copies of the most recent design.

Daehyun looked back at the computer screen. “Hmm.” He murmured before sitting down in Youngjae’s computer chair.


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whiterose12 #1
Chapter 9: Amazing~~~
Chapter 9: i really enjoyed this story! it made me laugh and i love the character's personalities. this last sentence simply killed me very slowly and painfully because i really love top!youngjae as i had already mentioned (so obviously i love bottom!daehyun a LOT) and this last sentence.... seriously i'm going to cry, i wanna hug you for writing that.
i'm really glad i found this, my face aches from smiling and laughing and all. amazing story, thank you for writing this ♥
Chapter 8: oh my god kjerdskcjfkgtjk4ewdsjcfgmkrtedjs oh my god i love thisjhfj4rmedas i love top!youngjae i'm aaaaa seriously, i really really really really love top!youngjae and this scene was really hot im kjsmdrkn!!!!
Chapter 2: it's nice to see that jongup is the one madly in love with himchan!!!!! i mean, this isn't something that happens often in most himup fanfics so kudos for that.
i rEALLY love yongguk doing junhong's homework at a karaoke lmao i really like this image!!!!! i really love this story so far and i give youngjae thumbs up for puking on daehyun, he deserved that!!!
DaeHanismine #5
Chapter 9: I love this so much omfgggg
ahh this was so amazing I absolutely love the concept this was set in (this fandom definitely needs more of those au's) ALSO I LOVE IT WHEN YOUNGJAE'S ALL GRUMPY AND STUFF Daehyun was so adorable in this on (and this is something because that's usually Youngjae) I admit I was a lil bit thrown off BUT VERSATILE DAEJAE yes, I agree
okay I just wanted to say I love this lots^^
Chapter 9: BEST FIC EVER


I NEED THEM my fav DaeJae ever I love them so much
Chapter 8: That is what that annoying mouth of yours should be used for YAAAS

Chapter 7: Locked him in the basement to call him a LOL

HATE THAT I CAN'T HATE YOU my fav line ever ♡_♡