The Other Woman [M]

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Jiyong Kwon, Sandara Park, Kiko Mizuhara


Jiyong is the leader of the well known Kpop group Big Bang. His group is one of the forerunners of Hallyu in Japan. Being the leader of a famous group has it’s pro’s and con’s and one of them is having all the attention on him. Whatever he does, it makes the news. So when he named one of the Japanese models as his  ideal type for a certain magazine and having a similar ring with her made its way to the press, it became a huge scandal in Korea. He can care less for what everyone says except for one person who will be affected in this. His girlfriend of three years, his most important person and his biggest secret, Sandara Park. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for Jiyong since the Japanese model that was being linked to him has a secret of her own.



Hi everyone!

Here I am again writing another story. But... I can't help it since it is blocking the flow of my ideas. Anyways, I assure you that I will be updating regularly... with my other fics as well since.. I am starting the 100 Days Before Christmas Updates!

Every day. I will update one of my fics!  And since this is a start! 

I have updated one of my fics and posting this one!

100 - Lovestruck Idol Chapter 21 (Available in DGH) | The Other Woman - AFF


And this is just a story that I wanted to write. :) Kekek Exclusive in AFF, I think. :) ^^ 

Love Lots,



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crisxoriginal () says:
noona pls stop reading mangas and other novels get out of ur cave and give us what we want lmaoooo

jadelyn () says about chapter 12:
update soon please jebal :))

WarQueen () says about chapter 12:
Please update this story when you's sooooo good <3

nana_nania () says about chapter 12:
how could she leave dara just?

hi.. im new reader..

vr2782 () says about chapter 12:
I hope you won't abandon this fic.

Malditahselosa () says about chapter 11:
Update m0re plx.Why why please be safe dara unie

heiress () says about chapter 12:
How could she leave Dara there?? WTH CL??!!!
Aigoo!!! Please be safe Dara.

MillionDollarBaby21 () says about chapter 12:
Ok people you need to calm doen and take it easy with the swearing. Its just a story so chill ok? This is the reason why applers/daralings are being isolated and hated on. Some react too violently at stories. Too much hate and negativity is bad for you y'know?!

And btw cl in real life kinda save dara during the japan earthquake so feel free to feel remorseful for saying things about her ^^

redmermaid () says about chapter 12:
cl as a real is a surprise indeed, hope its a good wake up call for jiyong, he cheated thn she forgives he's being childish and selfish and yet she's still full of faith and forgiving, id like to see stronger dara, anywhoo looking for ur next soon update ^^

browneyesmouse04 () says about chapter 12:
:o just wow! CL is a right in this one

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