Spin the Bottle

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One Saturday night.

A group of friends plays a simple spin the bottle game.


“So, what’s her punishment?”
His lips lift into a smirk. He holds her bold gaze. “I dare you to sleep with me.”
The boys spit out their drink and the girls drop their jaw; some in amusement, some in shock.



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This story plot is pure fiction, including the events and characters. Celebrity's names are borrowed for writing purposes. Any similarities to actual persons, alive or dead, events, real or fictious, are purely coincidental.

© KPossible21, 2012.



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taipanda #1
Chapter 4: Actualiza :(
xxreaxx #2
Chapter 4: 2016 and still waiting for the next update ㅠㅠ
Will you update this authornim? ㅠㅠ
[deactivated] #3
Chapter 4: Pleaee update this if u read this please u dont know how many times i have been reading this over and over
Please waiting for u
lin_lin42879 #4
Chapter 4: Lol before they even do it they get interrupted hahaha
ShidaM #5
Chapter 4: LOL!! Myungber got caught in the act. I like this story so far though, I hope you update soon!!
[deactivated] #6
Chapter 4: Oh~ just got real~
yoochuniee #7
Chapter 4: Well. Bahhhh. WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN??? I NEED TO KNOWWWW~~~
Please spare me author-nim:3
I might die if I don't know what's gonna happen next:(
You don't want to be responsible for a life, do you?...
I hope you don't...
Or maybe your just gonna ignore me and go along your merry way...
But please don't do that D:
sleepylips #8
Chapter 4: i don't think i'm able to read this +_+
Jhessica #9
Chapter 4: Well, this long awaited wait was not left disappointing in my book.
:O <-- My face when I read this.
freakymui #10
Chapter 4: im actually glad that u continue to write a new chapter but sigh...wats with the sudden break in of the room with a bunch of ppl?! i was such a romantic moment between them n it is so embarrassing that everyone sees them doing “that thing”...they ruin