Chapter 38; BAP Official me2day

by baby_exotic
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Chapter 38; BAP Official me2day - chapter image

B.A.P. has officially entered the me2day sphere with the launch of their own account!

On May 29th, leader Bang Yong Guk greeted, “Halo. Finally, B.A.P. has opened up our own Me2day. We’ll be sharing fun news about us so please look forward to it.”

Attached is a fun group photo of the boys still decked out in their “Power” stage outfits.

Fans welcomed the boys by replying back, “Looking forward to it”, “Please update often and lots!”, “We’ll get to know what the B.A.P. members are doing now”, and “I miss you guys!”


Source; allkpop


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lalalolli () says about chapter 12:
So cute of Himchan and Zelo ;D

LeeSunghui () says about chapter 11:

qh3997 () says about chapter 48:
jongup... hola hooping? LOOOL. he's adorbs.

annabelle7 () says about chapter 1:
Youngjae is a big fan of yeeun..... thanks author nim...

misakira () says about chapter 20:
thats one thing me and Yongguk have in common, I can recogize actors by there voice, and alot of the Kpop bands I listen too, if I listen to them long enough I know who's who.

JDC_1021 () says about chapter 65:
Thank you!!!

ohmygdsocute () says about chapter 65:
Am I like the only person who thinks that Jongup Oppa sometimes looks a bit like Mblaq Lee Joon?
GrEaT FiC though!XD

Black_x_Rabbit () says about chapter 14:
Aww Jonguppie got lost in America >_< When???

XiuXiu26 () says:
Im your 100th subbie ^^

daehyunsaranghae () says:
btw, you can do a part 2~

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