KNOT THIS GUY (Fantasy / Romantic Comedy)

by huntress (members-only)
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by: huntress...

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Reality can be harsh sometimes.


Dara felt like her lungs are burning as she ran barefoot towards the hotel while holding her shoes on both hands. Her hair is already exploding in a million directions and her dress has long been demoted to a tattered rag rank after sweating buckets as she continuously ran like there's an herd of demons chasing her. But that's the least of her worries at the moment. She's already five minutes late and her boyfriend is not the type to wait.

As she was looking at the hotel with determination, her mind is actively weaving a hundred plausible excuses per second. Her uneasiness kept growing as she pictured him looking at his watch with his eyebrows knitted together. Breathing through her mouth, Dara picked up her speed, ignoring the curious glances of the bystanders as she zoomed past them like a lunatic. Upon reaching the hotel building, Dara abruptly stopped and tried to catch her breath ...

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hyukniss () says about chapter 4:
Awww. The pervy dara LOLLLLLL. Kyahh my chaera heart was so happy when CL shouted to cheer dara. Gyahh! And dont start me w the misfortunes-_- ohgodd... Seunghyun is really amazing kkkk. And whats with the woman giving birth in the elevator? LOL. Ahh i want to skin that Joo Won guy alive. Conceited. Kyah! Whats wrong w jiyong&dara?;

immaVIP_appler () says about chapter 26:
oh noh!!!! i think that car accident is because of Choi Jin Hyuk..
Dara dont leave Jiyong!!!!

stoopidrabbit () says about chapter 26:
read this update for the nth time.. yet i still feel the same.. damn that to do list #5.. aisshh... loving this story more and more and more... ^^

minmei () says about chapter 26:
My heart is aching...i cant stop myself from crying... T-T

GDroccthamic () says about chapter 26:
Oh shiet....damn....all the cheese in this story can't stop the tears now....

Miaka279 () says about chapter 26:
Unnie~!! Some salted liquids just flowed out of my eyes T^T waaa~ I'm crying right now.. huk huk

Yoko_Yamashita () says about chapter 26:
My heart stopped with Jiyongs.

GirliedeDios () says about chapter 24:
Yeh the pick up lines might sound corny but honestly speaking I would be very happy hearing those straight from my sweetheart. Dara apparently accepted her fate and is set to use her remaining time showing Jiyong how much she love him.

mecheko () says about chapter 26:
I cried...I literally cried reading this chapter. The way you make dara's ending from jiyong's pov is so sad and lovely at the same time. Huhuhu....huwaaaa....

NinaSeulMi () says about chapter 26:
crying river I felt like if my head was divied in the water ,reading this with shaking hands and heavy heart bouncing rapidly and as if I 'm jiyong I felt teared up OMGGG no plz huntress unnie don't do this to him dara gajima chougojimaa ahh T_TT as if the korea incident wasn't enough this was sincerly heartbreaking plz make it happy ending and speaking about the sewol accident I #prayforsouthkorea

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