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KNOT THIS GUY (Fantasy / Romantic Comedy)





by: huntress...

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Reality can be harsh sometimes.


Dara felt like her lungs are burning as she ran barefoot towards the hotel while holding her shoes on both hands. Her hair is already exploding in a million directions and her dress has long been demoted to a tattered rag rank after sweating buckets as she continuously ran like there's an herd of demons chasing her. But that's the least of her worries at the moment. She's already five minutes late and her boyfriend is not the type to wait.

As she was looking at the hotel with determination, her mind is actively weaving a hundred plausible excuses per second. Her uneasiness kept growing as she pictured him looking at his watch with his eyebrows knitted together. Breathing through her mouth, Dara picked up her speed, ignoring the curious glances of the bystanders as she zoomed past them like a lunatic. Upon reaching the hotel building, Dara abruptly stopped and tried to catch her breath ...

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Ygjenniee #1
Chapter 29: ❤️❤️❤️❤️ This story is so amazing! Omg took me forever to finished but I'm glad I dif. Love love this. Thank you for sharing!!!
MsUniz #2
Chapter 29: OMG!!! I still can't believe that I'm done reading this!!!! Hohoohohohohohoh!!!! Unnie,,,, it's soooo DAEBAK!!!!! ^O^O^O^O^O^O^O^^O^O^O^O^O^O^O^O^O^O^ Congrats unnie for the job well done!!!!! ILOVEYOU!!!!:*:*:*:**:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*
MsUniz #3
Chapter 28: omg! I LOVE THIS STORYY!!!! ^o^o^o^o^^o^o^o^o^o^
MsUniz #4
Chapter 26: OH MY GOSH!!!! I'M HURTING!!!!! MY HEART IS IN PIECES ALREADYY!!!!! </////////////////////////3333333333
MsUniz #5
Chapter 25: Awwwww,,,, </////333 I'm having a super heartache again... :"(((
MsUniz #6
Chapter 24: Hahahaha KILIG much!!!!!
MsUniz #7
Chapter 23: Awwwww <///////////333
MsUniz #8
Chapter 22: I think I'm on a rollercoaster ride.... I don't know what to feel anymore... ://///
MsUniz #9
Chapter 21: Ahahahahahahahahaha,,, I think I'm going CRAZZZYYYYY!!!!! This chapter making me laugh sooooo hard...... Ahahahahahaahahah
MsUniz #10
Chapter 20: It hurts like hell!!!! Gosh!!!! My heart is aching really bad.... <//////////////333333