KNOT THIS GUY (Fantasy / Romantic Comedy)

by huntress (members-only)
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by: huntress...

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Reality can be harsh sometimes.


Dara felt like her lungs are burning as she ran barefoot towards the hotel while holding her shoes on both hands. Her hair is already exploding in a million directions and her dress has long been demoted to a tattered rag rank after sweating buckets as she continuously ran like there's an herd of demons chasing her. But that's the least of her worries at the moment. She's already five minutes late and her boyfriend is not the type to wait.

As she was looking at the hotel with determination, her mind is actively weaving a hundred plausible excuses per second. Her uneasiness kept growing as she pictured him looking at his watch with his eyebrows knitted together. Breathing through her mouth, Dara picked up her speed, ignoring the curious glances of the bystanders as she zoomed past them like a lunatic. Upon reaching the hotel building, Dara abruptly stopped and tried to catch her breath ...

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darables () says:
still waiting for an update, authornim! and pls dont let be the end be near huhu. fighting, unnie!!

MarjjMallows () says about chapter 24:
No... No.. It can't be. I'm crying right now. Unnie... Is there any way to save Dara? I, the #0 cheeseborg fan will volunteer. I was biting my lips to prevent myself from crying. Reading this fanfic is so... I can't explain what I feel. Huntrss unnie.. This fanfic is really breath taking. I hope Dara could live more. I want Jiyong to grow old with her. :((((( I made an account unnie for you. Im a silentcheeseborg. This is my firts time to comment. I love you unnie, thanks for sharing your stories.

PS. If Dara died, I will find you and kill you too. *smiles* just kidding kkkkkkkkkk but really.. Im serious xD

#0 Cheeseborg fan,xx

krianel () says about chapter 24:
Ugh! Not gonna cry.. Not gonna cry... Not gonna cr- fvck! Can't help it!

I've been on a huntress fanfic reading spree this week. Hehe
I love your stories so much I've read them a couple of times and I still cry and laugh every damn time!

YunitaVi3 () says about chapter 24:
I'm holding my tears so damn hard while reading...

_shineeexo () says about chapter 24:
NOOOOO she can't die! ㅠㅠㅠㅠ jiyong's so cute, getting disgusted bc of his pick-up lines hahahaha but okay seriously she can not die huhuhuhu

lxghts () says about chapter 24:

lxghts () says about chapter 24:

graim143 () says about chapter 24:
KYAA!! All the pick lines killed me. I'm so happy your back unnie :) I'm just sad that Dara might die in the end :(

yenisvip12 () says about chapter 24:
gahd this is breaking my heart </3

4eva_always () says about chapter 24:
Annyeong~!! *smiles* This is my first time writing a comment here, but I've recently read a lot of author's notes that encourage us, your readers to comment, and so far I haven't done it. But I think I'm going to start now... Haha, anyways~ I don't comment a lot, but I read somewhere that authors like receiving long comments, so yeah xD
I just wanted to say that I was crying and laughing at the same time while reading this chapter... You're to good at pulling my heartstrings (is that a thing?) every chapter. And I always have this problem with anything really, books, movies, dramas, fanfics... I want to know the ending, but I don't want the story to end. Reading your last note, about only a few more chapters left, makes me both sad and happy. Sad to see this story end, and happy to know that in a few chapters Dara and Jiyong can finally have their happily ever after (or is it sad? That would be upsetting... I hate sad endings, they break my heart </3 But it's your choice as the author...) I have my fingers crossed~ ^^ I can't wait! Take your time author-nim~~ Until next time~! :3

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