KNOT THIS GUY (Fantasy / Romantic Comedy)

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by: huntress


Started: September 09, 2012

DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional story, do not take it seriously.

All characters in this story have no existence and have no relation whatsoever to anyone bearing the same name or names and all incidents are pure invention.



Reality can be harsh sometimes.


Dara felt like her lungs are burning as she ran barefoot towards the hotel while holding her shoes on both hands. Her hair is already exploding in a million directions and her dress has long been demoted to a tattered rag rank after sweating buckets as she continuously ran like there's an herd of demons chasing her. But that's the least of her worries at the moment. She's already five minutes late and her boyfriend is not the type to wait.

As she was looking at the hotel with determination, her mind is actively weaving a hundred plausible excuses per second. Her uneasiness kept growing as she pictured him looking at his watch with his eyebrows knitted together. Breathing through her mouth, Dara picked up her speed, ignoring the curious glances of the bystanders as she zoomed past them like a lunatic.

Upon reaching the hotel building, Dara abruptly stopped and tried to catch her breath while looking up, lightly tapping her chest with the shoes that she was holding and noticing the full moon gracing the night sky. What she failed to notice is the guy standing at her left with his hands shoved inside his pockets while looking up with furrowed eyebrows at the hotel in front of them. His right arm is filled with tattoos and his eyes mirrors the rage inside him.

Dara hastily wore her shoes and grimaced at the sight of her messy dress. Once upon a time, that dress was cute and immaculately clean. After running around the city like her hair is on fire, she now looks like she just crawled out of hell. She heaved a deep sigh and braced herself for a fight that is undoubtedly going to happen between her and her boyfriend given that she's a few minutes late. Both Dara and the guy started walking at the same time with hurried steps and upon entering the hotel, Dara turned to the right while the guy turned to the left.

A few steps away from where the two were formerly standing, a string-keeper deity, otherwise known as a 'Hadana', is giggling to herself while resting her hands on her hips.

"Finally, it's time!", Hadana Bom excitedly gushed and clasped her hands together. She closed her eyes and chanted, "Red string of fate, arise before me"

When she opened her eyes, a smile formed on her lips as she gleefully stared at the sparkling red string from a distance connecting the destined couple that was assigned to her.

Her smile instantly faded when a swirling sphere of black smoke appeared before her. A tall guy with piercing eyes stepped forward out of thin air and the black smoke vanished. The trickster deity, otherwise known as a 'Jursa', smirked at her.

"Hello", Jursa Seunghyun greeted her in a deep monotone voice. But before Bom can even answer...

"Bye", he said while stepping backwards as black smoke engulfed him once again until he completely vanished.

After unleashing an annoyed scream, Bom stepped backwards and white glittery smoke enveloped her whole body until she disappeared.

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credits: Baktinski


Writer's Note:


This new fic is dedicated to our sweet Korean Daragon friends and to my supportive Appler family ^_^ Annyeonghaseyo!! *bows*

Hadana - string-keeper deity

Jursa - trickster deity

A deity is a being, natural, supernatural or preternatural, with superhuman powers or qualities, and who may be thought of as holy, divine, or sacred.
- source:

You'll know more about them on the succeeding chapters!


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Lotsa Love



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divinekaitan 0 points #1
Chapter 29: I love this story so so much and I also love the characters. Daragon made it hard for me not to ship them and your stories were the perfect push for me to ship them and become an appler <3 THE PLOT IS SO FRIGGIN GOOOOOOD AND THE CHARACTERS WERE SO DIFFICULT NOT TO LOVE. That's all. Thank you so much author-nim. *heart clenches*
parkminrin98 #2
I shipped cheeseborg couple now hahahaha , before it was daragon, duuhhh obviously hahahahahah,,
But cheeseborg moreee moooorreeeee cutttteeeeeeeee!!!! kyaaaahhhhhh,,, kyeoptaa!!!!!!

and huntress unnie *maybe you are unnie since im still at high school while you in uni* your pick up line are damn adorable, I would die happily hahahahahah

And cherry-panda coupleee arrghhhhhhh I cannottt,,
And alsoooooo the hadana and jursa aarfcvvhhhhhhahagagagagsgsgahqiakllhhdhhshahaj
Okkk craziness overload uahahhahahahag,,

Cheeseborg 4ever <3 ,,, muah muah xoxo ,
Miu miu miu miu,

And unnie , I use 'chu chu chu' word with my friend and they reply with 'crazy' hahahahaaahhhh
natyx10 #3
Chapter 28: WAHH UNNIE DAEBAK!!! CHINCHA UNNIE!! YOU ARE AMAZING PLZ CONTINUE!!! O.O Btw...dont forget one story T.T *hint *hint gangstah...anywho...WAHH UNNIE I REALLY ENJOYED THIS THANK FOR THIS
catwilled #4
Chapter 29: rereading for the nth never gets old.
prettyunnie #5
Chapter 24: Can't help rereading it again for the nth time.....sooooo sweeeet.....miu,miu,miu...meep,meep,meep....those pick-up line is killing me....hahaha...I love the last part...jiyong is so happy that he is daras' world....cheese ball :)
Pakzynee1978 #6
Chapter 29: Huntress I was just done reading this amazing story that you wrote. You made me laugh so hard and you equally made me cry. You truly have the gift. Please write more stories. You did great!
Artsy8 #7
Chapter 29: As always, huntress unnie is Daebak! I cried and laugh reading this and you're endings are great! Unnie, Kdrama needs you to give them good endings. I sooooo agree on the Kdrana frustrations mentioned. Miu miu miu?! Meep meep!
devine5miranda #8
Chapter 27: Hi huntress!!! I have read all ur fanfics and all of them are superbly beautiful!! Though i didnt get to read the evil prince...why was it blocked? Hope you could still open the story coz i surely know, that its also a very awesomw story!!! God bless you always huntress and thank u so much for sharing your masterpieces...
KeyChunDae #9
Chapter 20: I just can't... ughhh. Jiyong why? I know there would be no compassion if there arent any suffering. But.... ughh...

Anyway, good job on writing the story. It had me shed tears and had me fangirling (to as hard as doing a fist pump everytime something awesome happens)
huntress #10
thank you so much for the lovely comments! i'm glad you enjoyed KTG! ^_^