If Angels Could Cry



"If angels could cry, would they cry for me?"
Being abused and thrown away by the people meant to love her, Jin Ae's tears aren't rare in world. No one loves her, no on cares about her and certainly no one cries for her.
"Their tears are ice, it would hurt to cry"
Tao is cold and distant to most. He definitely never cries. To him the girl who cries everyday in the park is nothing but pathetic. Crying doesn't make anything better.


Tao is one of my favourites in Exo but he wasn't originally going to be the main character. My sister just said he matches this story so here he is.

This is my first fanfic, I'm usually a reader, a pretty silent one at that. Hopefully people like this story, it's just a oneshot  though because I don't have the time to write a full length one three shot, realised my chapters were too long for a oneshot.

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exol_army14 #1
Chapter 3: omg, this is so sad....
evelynM #2
Chapter 3: Oh!My!God! This is amazing!!!
kpopcassieexotic #3
Chapter 3: OMFG I THOUGHT IT WAS GONNA BE HAPPY why did you kill her omg i wanna cry now T_T
dakiii #4
Chapter 3: OMG..didnt see this kind of ending coming,but this is so beautiful...i was like omg he cried...:'''<
ShiranaiChan #5
Chapter 3: Right after reading the last sentence I burst into tears... It's so beautiful how he hated crying, but she is the person who made him cry... ;A;
LocketKay #6
Chapter 3: Ahh dang..
This was sad but I liked it.
chicken_onew #7
Chapter 3: aww that was soo sad... T_T poor tao...
JKSkim #8
Chapter 3: Oh my god! This very different form others,i love it. And I do cried..TvT.daebak author.
Japanda #9
Chapter 3: I hate you author, you turned the story on me, i never expect the end to be like this, you made tao cry just before his moment of eternal happiness D:
but i like the fact that you surprise me with the ending though!!
[deactivated] #10
Chapter 3: *great~ OMG
stupid fingers! xD