EXO Merchandise

by epik_perfection
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Want an EXO ring of your own and other fan made merchandise like what your idols wear every day? There are official Exo merchandise except their albums and cds. There rest are fan made such as the Exo Ring, Baekhyun's Light Bracelet and more.


Where to buy;

  • Kpoptown
  • Ebay (note: there is more than one seller than the one suggested)


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kpopforyou365 () says about chapter 2:
Kee kee, KRIS stop, you know I love you too. ♥

bishienim () says about chapter 19:
LOL,Kyungsoo! So cute.

bishienim () says about chapter 27:
Kaisoo forever!

bishienim () says about chapter 15:
Geez,get married already!

jiluhan () says about chapter 36:
김 종 인 사랑해요!!!!!!

jiluhan () says about chapter 16:
Omo! Kaisoo is realㅇㅅㅇ

jiluhan () says about chapter 15:
I'm waiting for their wedding

jiluhan () says about chapter 14:
Kai!!!!!!!!!! Sexy

purplegamers () says about chapter 18:
baccccooooooooonnnnnnnnn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kpop_babiegyrl112291 () says about chapter 12:
He is too gorgeous to be legal

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