I Got Married... To Teen Top?! Completed!

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I Got Married... To Teen Top?! - main story image


You and Teen Top!


It's your first time in Korea, and everything is going smoothly... Until you meet the directors of popular hit show, "We Got Married", that is! The...

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Yes, muzikmaster here for yet another story!

This time starring... hot and amazing boygroup, TEEN TOP!!


Now without further ado... Let the story begin! :D



I Got Married... To Teen Top?!

By muzikmaster

Main Character Profiles:


You (Park _______)


Age: 17

Introducing the main character! You are the happy-go-lucky, sweet, and beautiful leading lady! You are also Teen Top's bride in the hit show, "We Got Married". You look pretty dense when it comes to love, when in fact, you're the exact opposite! Watch out though, you can be really mean when you get mad. Using your brains, beauty, aegyo and wit, will you be able to capture Teen Top's heart?


L. Joe

Real Name: Lee Byunghun

Age: 17 (third oldest hyung)

Nickname: Mischievous Rapper / Rascal Rapper

Couple Name: Pinky Couple!

Reason: You and L. Joe are named the Pinky Couple because upon your first meeting, you are easily mesmerized with L. Joe's pink hair. Also, the both of you always make 'pinky promises', hence the 'pinky'.

Ladies and gentlemen, I now give you... L. Joe! Yes, this pink-haired cutie steals everyone's heart by using his sweet smile and good looks. Like a dependable older brother, he cares a lot for Teen Top and his members. But, don't let his chic appearance on stage fool you! He's actually a big prankster and has a perverted side as well.




Real Name: Ahn Daniel<...

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iqhakpoplovers () says about chapter 60:
ahaa..its so balanced 3 boys 3 girl ahaa..Cap,Chunji,Ljoe,Niel,Ricky,and Changjo..!! Is my husband ahaa..well oo well..!! Love this fan fiction..keep it up..ahaa 6 Husband 1 Wife.. Am i too greedy? ahaa xD.

muzikmaster [A] () says:
Thank you so much for all your support<3

PrincessChanhee () says about chapter 60:
Yeay. Done reread your story for the two times! Love your story so much! Mah feelsssszzzz ♥

iqhakpoplovers () says about chapter 18:
ahaa.. I slept at my bias arm ahaa Changhyun oppa..!!

iqhakpoplovers () says about chapter 17:
what is PMSing?

xoxolove522 () says about chapter 60:
Cute story! The 831 is so touch :)

scarlett99 () says about chapter 62:
AHH, your stories are so addictive!! I finished this story in just a day <3. I'm reading your other stories now *squeals*!!! ULTIMATE FANGIRLING MODE ON XD

PerfectlyImperfectxX () says about chapter 62:
Your stories--ehem, You-- sure knows how to mess with meh feels (/o3o) asdfgxjk

muzikmaster [A] () says:
Thanks so much for your support! :)

byunchanlover0730 () says:
This is sooo nice!!! I love it!!

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