Music Core Meetings (Last Part)

by muzikmaster (members-only)
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Shady Girl - SISTAR ( )     ------------- Narrator’s P.O.V:     The other three people focused their gazes on you. You furrowed your eyebrows, “Me?” You asked confusedly.     The four approached you. One of the girls socked the surprised boy’s arm. “God, Onew.” She rolled her eyes. “Jiyeon!” Onew grimaced at her and she just shrugged and looked at you, “Annyeong.” She grinned, expecting you to know her.     You meekly waved. “Hello.” Jiyeon stared at you, obviously surprised. The other boy coughed audibly. “Are you filming a show?” He asked. You nodded. “It’s We Got Married.”     “Aha! So I was correct! You’re ________-sshi, am I right?” Onew piped up proudly. You nodded, giving a friendly smile. “You know us, right?” Onew gestured to the four people. You shook your head. Onew’s eyes widened, “You don’t know us? SHINee? T-ara? Miss A?”     You gave him a sympathetic smile, “I’m not familiar with any idols except for Teen Top, Infinite, and I just met Dalmatian today.” Y...

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iqhakpoplovers () says about chapter 60:
ahaa..its so balanced 3 boys 3 girl ahaa..Cap,Chunji,Ljoe,Niel,Ricky,and Changjo..!! Is my husband ahaa..well oo well..!! Love this fan fiction..keep it up..ahaa 6 Husband 1 Wife.. Am i too greedy? ahaa xD.

muzikmaster [A] () says:
Thank you so much for all your support<3

PrincessChanhee () says about chapter 60:
Yeay. Done reread your story for the two times! Love your story so much! Mah feelsssszzzz ♥

iqhakpoplovers () says about chapter 18:
ahaa.. I slept at my bias arm ahaa Changhyun oppa..!!

iqhakpoplovers () says about chapter 17:
what is PMSing?

xoxolove522 () says about chapter 60:
Cute story! The 831 is so touch :)

scarlett99 () says about chapter 62:
AHH, your stories are so addictive!! I finished this story in just a day <3. I'm reading your other stories now *squeals*!!! ULTIMATE FANGIRLING MODE ON XD

PerfectlyImperfectxX () says about chapter 62:
Your stories--ehem, You-- sure knows how to mess with meh feels (/o3o) asdfgxjk

muzikmaster [A] () says:
Thanks so much for your support! :)

byunchanlover0730 () says:
This is sooo nice!!! I love it!!

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