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Music Core Meetings (Last Part)

Shady Girl - SISTAR (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQgXVZOF0UE&feature=related )     ------------- Narrator’s P.O.V:     The other three people focused their gazes on you. You furrowed your eyebrows, “Me?” You asked confusedly.     The four approached you. One of the girls socked the surprised boy’s arm. “God, Onew.” She rolled her eyes. “Jiyeon!” Onew grimaced at her and she just shrugged and looked at you, “Annyeong.” She grinned, expecting you to know her.     You meekly waved. “Hello.” Jiyeon stared at you, obviously surprised. The other boy coughed audibly. “Are you filming a show?” He asked. You nodded. “It’s We Got Married.”     “Aha! So I was correct! You’re ________-sshi, am I right?” Onew piped up proudly. You nodded, giving a friendly smile. “You know us, right?” Onew gestured to the four people. You shook your head. Onew’s eyes widened, “You don’t know us? SHINee? T-ara? Miss A?”     You gave him a sympathetic smile, “I’m not familiar with any idols except for Teen Top, Infinite, and I just met Dalmatian today.” Y...

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chunjixbyungie #1
gonna check this later huhu
i have midterms now xD
iiamjaydee #2
Chapter 17: Its amazing! Iloveyour stories! :) My bias are Ljoe and Chunji xD i would like to have more interactions with Ljoe haha. My favorite song of the moment is Supa Luv ! :) my favorite chapter is "Call me Oppa"
Pairings will be "You and Infinite" :) hehe

I really love your stories! I just finished reading "My Secret Nerdy Boyfriend" haha and now I'm reading this :) iloveit! Keep up the good work author-nim! FIGHTING!
angelnono11 #3
Chapter 60: It was just like reading some wgm script or something^^ but I'd prefer if she ended up with just one member but kay. It's just a story :3
Bunnyfox #4
Chapter 28: Chapter 28 made me laugh! Quite amusing reactions from them.
sheerah6jaya #5
Chapter 62: I read this story again and I still love it..Please make more Teen Top fanfics.. ^-^
KimYuuA #6
Chapter 31: Ooooooh this is really good!!! I'm gonna come back and read more laterrrr :3
BigBangAngel #7
I loved this story so much :)
muzikmaster #8
LOL thanks for your hilarious comments! :D
So-youn #9
Chapter 62: I find it kind of weird for her to get pregnant with EACH ONE OF THEM ! First time I see this ! But I loved the story a lot <333 Thanks for writing this~~
joonna12 #10
Chapter 61: HAHA; i thought she gonna end with one of them. but at last she married all of them ; jkjk..Nana was hilariousss xDDD