In which Himchan gives Yongguk a .

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And a kind-of-.

Under the table at a group meeting.

Yes, this is BangHim and it’s .




On most days Yongguk had to admit that being seated next to Himchan during interviews, meetings and conferences wasn’t a bad thing. Quite the opposite, actually, because the younger’s talent for MCing, talking and his intelligence usually came in quite handy.

On some other days though… let’s just say, the visual could really work him up. And it was one of those days again.


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LunaticV #1
Chapter 1: ohgod i can't breathe asdhjhklfas
drew_alana #2
Chapter 1: Aha...I just found it! Accidentally. ... Himchan...! *blushed* u r so awesome!
MollsLeMouse #3
Chapter 1: HAHAHAHA Nasty Himchan is the best!
Love it <3
demonofyourheart #4
Chapter 1: It was short and enjoyable :)
Keep up the good work :)
tvxq_luv #5
Chapter 1: omgomg, sequel please?
thejackal #6
Chapter 1: sequel please aunthornim :D
tobeacrossthesea #7
Chapter 1: Loooooooooooooooove ^^
YueAsakura #8
Chapter 1: OMFG *///* pweaaaaaase author-nim! We all want to read the sequel of Yonggukie oppa repaying him <3
Chapter 1: lol sooo great ^^
really want to read the sequel of Yongguk repaying him !!!
thanks for your work BTW!!!
ItsJustSarax #10
Chapter 1: Kekeke /;)..Himchan is so sneaky
I look forward to Yongguk repaying him ;)..
And I love the gif sooo much :O♥