Progressive Education



Do Kyungsoo has worked his off to get a full scholarship to one of the best schools in Korea only to discover that his roommate is a fiend! How will innocent, naive Kyungsoo cope at his new school? 


by: shieshiesae


by: steelangels

by: danhobak

'"Kim Jongin. I guess I'm going to be your roommate this year." 

Kyungsoo stared at the outstretched hand without taking it. 

"When someone offers you their name, it's polite to return the favor," Jongin reminded him with a smirk, something unreadable in his eyes. 

Kyungsoo blushed. "Uh, I'm K-kyungsoo..."

Jongin ran his fingers down Kyungsoo's jawline with a wicked smirk. "You're cute," he murmured.'

by: TamTamThai

'Kyungsoo sighed and turned around. "Do you not realize what sort of reputation you have around this school?" he asked acidly. "Everyone knows that you'll sleep with anything that moves." 

Jongin shrugged. "So? It's who I am. Why should I be ashamed of that? I like . Everyone else does too, they just try to hide it. I'm simply more honest."

by: takoyakey


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By Shigure


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By Hopuai




Ummm so I'm pretty much in love with this story. I can't quit writing it, so I sincerely hope that you all like it as well. I'm terrible with summaries, but there will be so much fluff so yay! 




Russian 2

Russian 3



German (coming soon)

Vietnamese (coming soon) 


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Nethae #1
Chapter 30: O.0 I just noticed from the comment down . 108 chapter oh god o.0 I'll kill liz
Nethae #2
Chapter 30: Ooooohhhhh noooo gukkiie picture is not showing for me ...
I feel like im kinda heartless, should I have felt bad for kyungsoo to get beaten uo but Cmon its yongguk hahahahaha. . I can imagine yinggukie the bully yey that sounds really attractive. . I really love bad boys hahaha
starryheesukaixotic #3
Chapter 108: Arrr... This is a really really good story...! Daebak...! This has so many chapters but each chapter is so interesting and give a plot for next one thus I couldn't skip any part...! Continuously reading for 5sleepless nights (Revisioning the ones I like :D) and now FINISHED...! OMG *TEARS* You took about 2yrs (Thus I noticed in your A/Ns) and let us read the f*ing good fiction...! Fluffs and Moments and... Everything is perfect...! ^^
Nethae #4
Chapter 25: Ahmmmm that was Hot and jongin ughh stop being too rough
Nethae #5
Chapter 12: Oh my .. we should befriend u ; D
Nethae #6
Chapter 5: Hahahahaha kyungsoo Seriously couldn't you wait to release hahahahaha jongin will use this now
jaxley #7
Finally finished this story, it was really very sweet. A lot of times in stories I tend to get more attached to side pairings than the main one, but I really favored Kaisoo the entire story. :)
rizurizu #8
Chapter 9: Oh my god. How did I start re-reading this and how is it making me late for work even though I already know what happens.... OTL. I swear.... this fic. My Kaisoo feels are enough to kill a person, namely, me.