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Progressive Education



Do Kyungsoo has worked his off to get a full scholarship to one of the best schools in Korea only to discover that his roommate is a fiend! How will innocent, naive Kyungsoo cope at his new school? 


by: shieshiesae


by: steelangels

by: danhobak

'"Kim Jongin. I guess I'm going to be your roommate this year." 

Kyungsoo stared at the outstretched hand without taking it. 

"When someone offers you their name, it's polite to return the favor," Jongin reminded him with a smirk, something unreadable in his eyes. 

Kyungsoo blushed. "Uh, I'm K-kyungsoo..."

Jongin ran his fingers down Kyungsoo's jawline with a wicked smirk. "You're cute," he murmured.'

by: TamTamThai

'Kyungsoo sighed and turned around. "Do you not realize what sort of reputation you have around this school?" he asked acidly. "Everyone knows that you'll sleep with anything that moves." 

Jongin shrugged. "So? It's who I am. Why should I be ashamed of that? I like . Everyone else does too, they just try to hide it. I'm simply more honest."

by: takoyakey


By naegaaaaaaaaaawulf on tumblr



By baka_ming95


By sunflowerpots


By Taodaypanda



By Shigure


By Shigure


By JunhyungsPikachu


By Hopuai


By Hopuai




Ummm so I'm pretty much in love with this story. I can't quit writing it, so I sincerely hope that you all like it as well. I'm terrible with summaries, but there will be so much fluff so yay! 




Russian 2

Russian 3



German (coming soon)

Vietnamese (coming soon) 


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monsterbingle #1
Chapter 108: ahhh I am so in love with your story! I've finished it in a week and it really felt as if two years had passed and that I've grown with them and with you too! I love how you always update your life in the author's notes so thabking for sharing this story and your life's story with me! I wish you the best of luck in your current life! Off to the sequel~~~
sognatoreL #2
Chapter 5: I think kyungsoo no need to do 'solo' again Lol
Jongin can help him XD
2PM_Kaitlyn #3
Chapter 108: awww... what an amazing story ^ literally took 2 days for me to read it but it was worth it. thank you for providing this story. kaisoo feels. i wish there was more but nonetheless thank you!
OZONE009 #4
Chapter 82: OMG RELATIONSHIP GOALS!!! Ahh I love you so much you're too funny & cute!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS BONUS CHAPTER
Magiclitchi #5
Chapter 1: Hello dear!!! Where can I buy this story ? Please tell me you still selling this ? I really want to save this happy story and reread it to feel happy !!!!
JooLuHyun #6
Chapter 9: Damnnnnnnn dafeelssssss
I don't even really ship kaisoo (SORRY! But used to though. Untill I discovered other unofficial ships)
And you made me like it. TEMPORARILY. (or not...)
JooLuHyun #7
Chapter 1: Wow the story is really awesome.
And the artwork is so beautiful.
CannibalQueen #8
Chapter 75: I just squealed and fist pumped in the air and shouted yes like a gazillion times. Congratulations i have self-second hand embarasment all alone in my room.
HoneySao #9
Chapter 68: I was like, "what? Wait? Huh? Hahahahahahaha..." That's not negative. Sorry, I am polluting the comment section.
HoneySao #10
Chapter 66: The best bonus chapter :3
Cheesy. <3