~Soshi Facts~

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This is not a fanfiction but a collection and drabble of SNSD facts, macros and gifs.

All kinds will be posted, on all 9 members' facts, which means, I will try not to be biased and only post more of my biases - cough cough Yoona - facts.

I know that the tags didn't include Sunny, Seohyun, Sooyoung, TaeNy etc, but that's just because the tags are limited :( So there will be also facts, macros and gifs about those that are not included in the tags.

Even Soshi pairings such as YoonYul, TaeNy and the others will be included too~ ^^


All credits to the owners for some of the gifs, macros and pics.



Okay, so let's just say that I like reading up SNSD Facts because they are just sooo interesting, funny, amazing, shocking, surprising--- yeah, and many more :DD

There aren't many authors writing about Soshi facts in Fanfiction so I decided to create one. ^^

Are you sure that you know almost all about the Soshi facts already? 

If not, continue reading on to discover facts about your favourite SNSD members that you might have never known! 

Want to take a break from reading long and wordy fanfictions? 

Energize yourself up by enjoying reading on fun and some, even rare, facts on Soshi, make yourself hypered up be amazed by the Fanytastic talents of the 9 awesome girls, before continuing reading the other fanfictions after being all fresh from the interesting facts~

*I will probably post 1 fact per chapter :)) Okay scratch that lol cuz I'm totally contradicting myself with every chapter's amount of update.

I'm still not very good with Fanfictions so please bear with me and if you enjoy the facts, subscribe please~ All comments and subscriptions are greatly appreciated. Gomawo!


 [ I've just changed it because I don't know why but the pink-background one which I made it myself could not be displayed. D: Hmph.. D:< ]


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feriel () says about chapter 32:
i will always love the 9 goddess girls <3

soshi16 () says about chapter 82:
LOL. sica unnie's bday is really near!

echowave () says about chapter 81:
The MV is awesome<3

RavenSkye () says about chapter 55:

What show is Yuri in during 2012?

echowave () says about chapter 80:
like owner like pets OMGGGGG<3 CUTEEE<3

School is starting soon for me too:(

ForeverSooSicaLOVE () says about chapter 80:
hani and prince's couple name is peuni haha fany named that for the those two puppies xD

Aroundnine () says about chapter 80:
Hanice? That's surely nice wohohoho...

Our_BlackPearl () says about chapter 80:

PuffyBirdy () says about chapter 80:
HAIII!!! Merry Christmas!
Yeah i noticed hahahaa! Heirs... They're having a special episode!!!
If you watch Paint on youtube I noticed that one of the thumbnails said SONE in the back hehee....

SNSD9sowon () says about chapter 80:
thanks for update ^_^

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