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deeryoong93 #1
Chapter 73: They r back. My lovely General.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
foreveryoung1205 #2
Chapter 73: Wow.Its been awhile.My Forever lovely twins.It's always a fun to watch them together,you can see that they always love to play with each other.In the beep beep gif,it seems that Yoong pinch Yul's cheeks.CUTE!!!*_*
YoonIsForYulOnly #3
Chapter 73: Awww Yuri really loves Yoongs forehead <3333 and they love holding each others hand to so sweeeet!!!
Blackpearl23 #4
Chapter 73: Yoonyul! The holding hands couple! xD
laughing_machine #5
Chapter 17: omfg asdfghjkl. >///<
DeerMickeyTrooper #6
Chapter 72: YoonYul Hwaiting~!! Both are so cute each other!! ^^
alongzan #7
Chapter 72: awwwwwwwwwwwwwww our yoonyul ^^
alongzan #8
Chapter 71: yulyoon!!!
bambam88 #9
Chapter 72: yuri's so sweet! poor yoona, she's exhausted TT get well soon yoongie!
YoonIsForYulOnly #10
Chapter 72: My Feels~ hihi
#GetWellSoonYoona :(