A Bad Boy's Bride

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You never looked at me the way I looked at you. You never lived the life I lived for you. How could you walk away as though it didn't matter to you? Why don't you turn around and look at me like I do? I'm right here, but why can't you see me like I did to you? Just look at me, damn it.

Please look at me like I do.




"I was told to get married to you. We have nothing. No strings attached, remember?" 

"Promises are meant to be broken."

"Please, just leave."



Some of you may have already known this story since the day I posted it, but for some who just discovered this fic: I sincerely apologise for removing all the chapters. I'm editing and making possible changes in the story. For those who are still interested, you may keep the subscribed button on. For those who are no longer interested, I won't force you to stay. Feel free to remove this from your subscription list. I will put up the chapters as soon as possible. I apologise for any inconvenience caused. And even though I said that I'm editing it, there might still be some errors here and there as I'm the only one reading/editing the story.

Once again, I apologise for any inconvenience caused by the new readers who just discovered this story. But I do hope that you can understand.

Thank you. 


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787emmie 0 points #1
Chapter 1: Awesome start, i like it!!
nfs_95 0 points #2
Chapter 35: Oh God!!!!!!
I cried so much.
& the ending..........it was perfect!!!
u really did a great job!
keep it up!!
Chapter 1: I like it so far^^
Lemlouma #4
Chapter 35: I really cried through the story.
Sometimes, I could just facepalm at how thick headed both of them were... But I'm relieved that they got their happy end. So sad that Myungsoo sarcrificed himself to make her live. Such an angel!
I really love this story! (Peace, second time reading it ^^)
And that beautiful ending! It made me tear up all over again ❤
It made me anticipate my own future. It's really so heart-warming and moving, I'm in love with the unique plot, your writing style, the characters, just basically everything.
Flwersminn #5
This is literally the most beautiful story ive ever read. Nearly cried, anyway. The story is perfect. I love it! Keep up the good work. I like your writing.
Chapter 35: I'm certain the last chapter is one of the best endings that I've ever had the pleasure to come across in any book before, thank you! <3
Nainaiishere #7
Chapter 35: *blade X-X
Nainaiishere #8
Chapter 35: I want to play balde and soul too but my Internet is so slow that I can't even -asdfghjkl *fliptable
Nainaiishere #9
Chapter 27: Don't worry, I watch naruto since I was bored ;-;
Musiclove123 #10
This is one of the greatest fanfic I ever read the story kept my heart pounding every step of the way.