Kyungsoo is a normal university student, Kai is a self proclaimed genius and the attraction between the two is more than obvious. 

While Kyungsoo has an average brain, he doesn't feel the need to pursue further intellect and likes to go with the flow of life, but Kai, a genius with an unbelievably high IQ can never get enough. He's constantly trying to find out more, trying to stuff his brain with as much knowledge as humanly possible, as if he wants to store it forever. 

The exclamation point joins with the question mark and creates an interrobang of romance, passion, lust, deceit and, possibly, love.




HIIIII. This is going to be a Kaisoo fic and well, yeah.
It might be a two-three shot but if I write more, than... well, uh. I promise that my writing will be more literate than I am right now LOL. I hope?


(there's going to be lots of ed comments(on kai's end) and some fluffy moments yaaaaay! I don't know myself if there's going to be angst, but hey, I'm like Kyungsoo; i go with the flow and even if there was i wouldn't tell you because kaisoo and angst seems to be a taboo and unwelcomed topic because of all the tragedy LOL)

I have another account on this site, and if you can recognize my writing style and identify me, I'll write you a one shot of your choice ;D

Oh yeah, the chapters are only marked M because there's foul language. There's no y time but if I do end up writing it(i at ) I will warn you at the beginning of the chapter, okay? ^^

someone punch me in the face please omg. i have been procrastinating on this chapter for too long. please nag me. (Interrobang)

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Mistycal 0 points #1
Chapter 10: Wow. This is incredible. This is so good and I have no words.
SebootyIsLotto #2
this is like one of my faves. Can i get the pdf of this fic by any chance ?
Kpoplover0n1 #3
Chapter 10: Amazing story highly recommended
Chapter 1: wow, ive just read this in one go and the ending was sort of.. anticlimatic? idk, it felt like the build-up was kind of lacking to me.. does this sound mean? lol, i hope you dint take it the wring way, but i think a little more.. descriptions were needed? like, through 2 lines of dialogue they do so many things and i thought it was kinda rushed. like, one moment they get out of the house and the next moment they're on a couch?? or maybe i blanked out while reading that part, idk. but overall, i think a few more "actions" would've made this story a lot more interesting! author-nim, fighting!
taeahran #5
Chapter 10: BEAUTIFUL ㅠㅠ
Chapter 1: Sehun as a friend has no filter haha I can't wait to read more! I already really liked the first chapter
latestTMMT #7
a truly beautiful story <3
676tonga #8
Chapter 10: Chapter 10: This story is by far, the most amazing Kaisoo fic I've ever read. I've learned so much from this story. Author-nim your vocabularies is awesome, even teaching me some new words. I never knew !? was an interrobang and .... was ellipse. Anyways, I loved it! ^^ Even though, their were times when my brain couldn't comprehend what exactly were you trying to say because of all those new words and extended metaphor. I really liked the saying : 'Life is an interrobang' !? >.<
nomatterwhat #9
Chapter 1: hi author nim please allow me to translate your story please please
Smileysweet123 #10
Chapter 10: Awesome. Highly recommended