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Holding On [One-shot]


What's between acceptance and rejection?



One - The Tiny, Tiny Things


I don't know how this came to be. It must have been because of Super Junior M's new music video. =)))))))))) And, believe it or not, it's not angst. I think. xDDDDDD


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b2st_saranghae #1
OMG so sweet <333
Chapter 1: OH!! Eunhae so adorable.... Hyukkie is always belong to donghae and hae is always belong to hyukkie....
pologirl0611 #3
Chapter 1: Awwwww omg Hae wait for him!!! So cute!!!
Aftan6 #4
Chapter 1: Aww ... This is sweet :)
JungMaeRi #5
Chapter 1: really, donghae would wait wait forever for his hyukkie. doesn't he do it already?
MiYoung95 #6
Chapter 1: I love eunhae <3 they really should get married!!
de_jarje #7
Chapter 1: Am definitely becoming your fans.... Your works is soooo gooooddd... Though i only read EunHae or Suju related.....
park_jinchan #8
Chapter 1: just be together!!!!!!! XD
mrsqyuchoi #9
Chapter 1: Love it when Teukie scolding Eunhyuk! ㅎㅎㅎ! The sentences!! Ohh I also love the words u put as Hyuk's lines to Hae! Its so sweet and reassuring.. I hope Hae shouldn't have to wait for long.. I'm going to read the sequel :) <3
saymyname #10
Chapter 1: Aaaw cute <3
Hyukjae is so kind saying that 'wait for me' aaw ><