Holding On [One-shot] Completed!

by themagiczebra
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Eunhyuk, Donghae, Leeteuk


What's between acceptance and rejection?



One - The Tiny, Tiny Things


I don't know how this came to be. It must have been because of Super Junior M's new music video. =)))))))))) And, believe it or not, it's not angst. I think. xDDDDDD

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pologirl0611 () says about chapter 1:
Awwwww omg Hae wait for him!!! So cute!!!

Aftan6 () says about chapter 1:
Aww ... This is sweet :)

JungMaeRi () says about chapter 1:
really, donghae would wait wait forever for his hyukkie. doesn't he do it already?

MiYoung95 () says about chapter 1:
I love eunhae <3 they really should get married!!

de_jarje () says about chapter 1:
Am definitely becoming your fans.... Your works is soooo gooooddd... Though i only read EunHae or Suju related.....

park_jinchan () says about chapter 1:
just be together!!!!!!! XD

mrsqyuchoi () says about chapter 1:
Love it when Teukie scolding Eunhyuk! ㅎㅎㅎ! The sentences!! Ohh I also love the words u put as Hyuk's lines to Hae! Its so sweet and reassuring.. I hope Hae shouldn't have to wait for long.. I'm going to read the sequel :) <3

saymyname () says about chapter 1:
Aaaw cute <3
Hyukjae is so kind saying that 'wait for me' aaw ><

Potaeto () says about chapter 1:
I have no idea why I crite maybe it's because your writing is kinda maybe flawless thanks

Ladyghai () says:
I love it! Especially the time when hyuk as hae to wait for it! I really love the words you used!

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