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Anterograde Tomorrow


Anterograde Tomorrow

Author: changdictator (Live Journal)

Pairing: KaiSoo

Rating: R



So I pushed this one up on the list because I just read this and ohmygoodness my feels. I'm trying not to fill this entire thread with EXO stories, but this one is honestly a must-read, even if you aren't a fan of EXO. I'm still wiping my tears as I type this.

The writing is so beautiful that even during the happy parts I wanted to cry. And for a three-shot + prologue, it's pretty darn long. It took me a good 2-3 hours to read the whole thing.

If you don't like sad stories, do not read this.

I promise you it will tug at your heart and make you want to curl up in a ball and die. <3



Story link: http://changdictator.livejournal.com/3484.html

Author link: http://changdictator.livejournal.com/



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shrrudhi #1
Chapter 4: Anterograde tomorrow is arguably the best fanfic of all time
tsubakichan #2
Can I reccomend an amazing fanfiction, called "Chasing Stars"? The characterization is pure and completely realistic, and the plot line is so genuine and unfound that I am still expecting the yellow star next to the title, to this very day. It incorporates a just-right amount of heart-warm and maturity, and I am sure that it could bring as many smiles and tears to others as it did to me. So please, consider?

Title: Chasing Stars
Author: forheart
Chapters: 5, with 2 bonuses
Link: www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/642982/chasing-stars-bts-bangtan-taehyung-hoseok-taeseok-taekook-vhope
UnknownMblaqLover #3
Chapter 4: I really wanted to read anterograde tomorrow ;; I can't find it anywhere ;;
YourPrettyName #4
Chapter 4: Its deleted?!
yumeestories #5
Thanks for this! :)
Shadowspells #6
Chapter 4: I read it but somehow there wasnt an ending to it... like I couldnt find the part where jongin died...
pr3tz3l #7
Chapter 4: I havent read Anterograde Tomorrow yet, and I think I should read it during the winter break after all my exams are finished. But have you read 'And The Rose Said to Me' ? It is a Kaisoo-focus fanfic by fliuor and I just loved how she writes. Here's the link: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/827213/and-the-rose-said-to-me-angst-mystery-kyungsoo-baekyeol-kaisoo-xiuhan-ot12
AngelMegMaslow #8
Chapter 1: OMG MAKING AN EXCEPTION!!! *.* This was one of the best fics EVER!!!! It's so amazingly beautiful and amazingly well written!!!! I couldn't stop reading for a second and I read it all in a record time!!! I was really sad when I found out it was removed from Asianfanfics! But I did everything I could to refound it! I wrote in the search item every sentence I remembered from it and I finally refound it!!! I'm saving it on my computer 'cause I don't want to ever loose it again!!! *.* It's so precious so PERFECT!
Scarlecie #9
The imgur "no longer available" side pictures are convincing me that I'm in a horror story. e-e
frmmichelle #10
Chapter 4: to be honest, anterograde tomorrow is one of my favorite kaisoo fanfics/stories ever! okay so the story is like about kyungsoo and kai/jongin and kyungsoo is an anterograde amnesiac which is like a person with short term memory (correct me if i'm wrong) kyungsoo falls in love with jongin. jongin is the writer that lives next door to him. jongin visits kyungsoo everyday because he wants to write like a novel about him. since kyungsoo is an anterograde amnesiac, he writes down in his notebook everytime jongin like visits him which is everyday. he writes down new things he has learned about jongin so he can remember him better. OKAY SO LIKE THE SAD THING ABOUT THIS STORY IS THAT JONGIN IS ACTUALLY DYING AND IT BREAKS MY HEART AND THIS STORY WAS REALLY WELL WRITEN!!