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Anterograde Tomorrow


Anterograde Tomorrow

Author: changdictator (Live Journal)

Pairing: KaiSoo

Rating: R



So I pushed this one up on the list because I just read this and ohmygoodness my feels. I'm trying not to fill this entire thread with EXO stories, but this one is honestly a must-read, even if you aren't a fan of EXO. I'm still wiping my tears as I type this.

The writing is so beautiful that even during the happy parts I wanted to cry. And for a three-shot + prologue, it's pretty darn long. It took me a good 2-3 hours to read the whole thing.

If you don't like sad stories, do not read this.

I promise you it will tug at your heart and make you want to curl up in a ball and die. <3



Story link: http://changdictator.livejournal.com/3484.html

Author link: http://changdictator.livejournal.com/



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Chapter 4: https://www.wattpad.com/25687060-anterograde-tomorrow-prologue-daisies
you could read this one wattpad LOL XD
exocat15 #2
How about a taste of compulsion? kaisoo fic, horror, romance, super good read!
PrettyNoona101 #3
Chapter 4: The author took ot off of Live Journal for whatever reason.
Queenur #4
Chapter 4: Why can't I access the story? I said I'm 18 or older and even made an account with the year 1996.. It keeps saying access denied. Someone please help :(
emolina007 #5
Chapter 4: I'm scared to read it because I know I'm gonna overload on feels and be really sad but I really want to read it. :')
MariaFdez #6
Chapter 4: Never getting tired of re-reading it. Best freaking fanfiction ever written omg *feels*
smashthedough #7
Chapter 4: Anterograde tomorrow is undoubtedly one of the best fandom classics, i mean it made me sob like a bastard lols idek why.. the circle of words r just.. wow.. ㅠㅠㅠ i regret reading it juso late ㅠㅠ
LovelessManya #8
Chapter 4: Awww I really want to read it since everyone says its like one of the best kaisoo fics and it's deleted..*sob* so unfair T________T
Paulinekim #9
Chapter 4: Can someone help me ? I cant read it cause everytime Im clicking the link, there's a notice where I need to confirm my age. I've been clicking "yes, Im at least 18 yrs old" then it wont load anymore ,my birth year is 1990 though . Please help , I really wanna read it
blushingdeer #10
Chapter 9: Thanks for the recommendations! Will definitely read the Kaisoo ones after I finish writing. You ship Kaisoo so hard. I do too.