Anterograde Tomorrow

The Forgotten Story


Anterograde Tomorrow

Author: changdictator (Live Journal)

Pairing: KaiSoo

Rating: R



So I pushed this one up on the list because I just read this and ohmygoodness my feels. I'm trying not to fill this entire thread with EXO stories, but this one is honestly a must-read, even if you aren't a fan of EXO. I'm still wiping my tears as I type this.

The writing is so beautiful that even during the happy parts I wanted to cry. And for a three-shot + prologue, it's pretty darn long. It took me a good 2-3 hours to read the whole thing.

If you don't like sad stories, do not read this.

I promise you it will tug at your heart and make you want to curl up in a ball and die. <3



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Author link:



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pianobaek #1
Antwrograde Tommorow is just so sad that i read it many times. It's VERY BEAUTIFUL GAHD it deserved to be publiahed and even if you're not an exo l you'll really find the beauty inside the story. I BAWLED in tears although i need a dictionary for some words. The flow is mesmerizing and the character DEPTH is very OMG like simon petrikov. Lol. I LOOOVED THIS SO MUCH AND IS A MUST READ
ThaumicTinkerbell #2
Chapter 4: This fic is so beautiful.
I cried so hard at the end..

To everyone that can't access the fic:
If you google the name, there will be a site where you can download the fic as PDF. Since the original got deleted, it's probably the only way. :-/

This is the site:
Exo_Slays_Mysoul #3
Chapter 4: Plz help me!Its saying access denied!What do I do?:(I really want to read this!
JonesyKyah #4
Chapter 4: I can't get to the Anterograde Tomorrow, I'm so sad. Is there another way to read it? Why is access denied? I have an account. Did they end up publishing it or something? I really wanted to read it. ):
kwon-suji #5
Chapter 7: JINHWAN XDD
[deactivated] #6
Ooh I love the idea of this! Update with more recs soon, please.
momonica #7
Chapter 4: awww i didnt get to read a fandom classic
AlyciaC #8
Chapter 4: Anterograde tomorrow is such a beautiful story ! . Someone advise me this to try a long time ago but never tried . It's easy to read and fast because your into the story . I really liked it .
Chapter 4:
you could read this one wattpad LOL XD
exocat15 #10
How about a taste of compulsion? kaisoo fic, horror, romance, super good read!